20 Facts about Barreleye fish to know What this Creature is

As you see them first, you will think that the fish is just come out from a science fiction film. This is one of the weirdest looking fish with a transparent head. But it really exists and lives in the deep depths of the ocean, especially the Pacific Ocean. They are most ‘unbelievable looking’ fish that you may ever find. But yes, they are seen very rarely as they love to stay under the sea.

20 facts about them:

(1) They have the snout-like, transparent mouth but no teeth and a giant size, eyes that look like a barrel.

(2) It has to different organs on the face that quite distinctive. These organs are more like the eyes (in appearance) but they are the nares actually. They work as the olfactory organs and functions like the nostrils.

(3) Their eyes can rotate inside their dome-shaped transparent head. That shape helps them to look straightforward but not only upward.

(4) Their eyes are ultra sensitive. It has the green fluid that helps them to capture even the smallest point of the light while they are in the huge depth of the sea, their actual living place.

(5) According to the research, they can filter out the even the tiny rays of the sun that come through and it also allows the fish for light bioluminescent that emitted by the other creatures or jellies under the sea.

(6) They are 6 inches long fish and live in the 3300-meter depth of the sea.

(7) Their eyes can give them a proper binocular view.

(8) They get the name as they have the barrel like head.

(9) They are the ambush predators.

(10) Barreleye fishes stay almost motionless at the huge depth of water and they also look upward.

(11) They can identify better the difference between bioluminescent light and ambient light. They have a huge number of rod cells in the eyes and that makes it possible for them.

(12) According to researches, they even steal the foods or prey from the siphonophores. According to the studies, the siphonophores trap the small creatures in their stringy tentacles and then the Barreleye fish spot them and use their process of precise maneuvers. By this way, they get or just steal the foods of the siphonophores.

(13) They have a transparent fluid-filled head that protects their eyes from the fins and strings of the siphonophores.

(14) They can easily rotate their eyes due to the transparent heads.

(15) They eat the cnidarians animals and also the jellyfish.

(16) Their diet plan is quite large and also they eat the zooplankton.

(17) They are very solitary in behavior and not much social. They almost stay motionless while scanning the environment with the eyes.

(18) Barreleye fish found generally in the three main oceans, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

(19) They are not that much big in size and the average size of the fish is nearly 6 inches or 15 cm and it can be 44 cm.

(20) Even after having that much strong vision, they generally lack the sideway vision or the lateral vision and they don’t have cone cells.

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