20 Facts about Blobfish to Know What this Creature is

This creature couldn’t be more aptly named. It more looks like a glob of squishy pinkish gelatin with eyes. This is one of the most unusual things about this freaky fish that, it is finless and it can’t swim. Instead, since its flesh is less dense than water, the blobfish drifts around the depths of the ocean propelled by seafloor currents. Now, this might seem a bit inconvenient for finding food, but the blobfish manages just fine by eating little bits of food that float by in front of it.

(1) These fish may look quite creepy but in truth, they never do any harm to The fangtooth fish for an instance is really piscivorous in nature. This means that it feast only on other fishes.

(2) It may have scary fangs, a large head and intruding eyes but when it gets hungry, all it does is open the largemouth to draw its prey near. Fangtooth fish grows up to six inches.

(3) Unlike any other fish, the blobfish has no scale.

(4) It is like a flan gone wrong that was placed on a plate. There is a set of eyes and a flub for a nose that when put together, sums up a face that is capable only of producing a grumpy expression.

(5) Another unique thing about a blobfish is that it is not composed of any muscle.

(6) A blobfish has no muscles. It is all jelly.

(7) It usually loves staying deep under the seas of Tasmania and Australia waiting for anything edible to come its way.

(8) Blobfishes prefer sea urchins, molluscs and crustaceans over humans.

(9) The female fishes lay thousands of eggs on the ocean floor, they lay pink small eggs. Either the male or female blobfish sits always beside the eggs to protect them from the predators.

(10) Blobfish does not have the swim bladder that mostly common with other species.

(11) They don’t have the air sac and that helps the fish for adjusting and controlling the buoyancy.

(12) Some people think that blobfish is not real. They look more like something that out from the fantasy fish but this is real and it belongs to the fathead’s fish family.

(13) The scientific name of the fish is Psychrolutes marcidus.

(14) They live in the floor of the ocean they belong to the psychrolouteo that means actually “to have a cold bath”.

(15) They love to live in the area where the water is very much cold.

(16) They generally live in the 3900 feet depth in the sea where the regular or normal pressure is 118 times more than the level of the sea.

(17) They found generally in the off coastal area of mainland Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania.

(18) They are more like gelatinous flesh but when they are under the sea, they look like the regular fish and not that much ugly is appearance.

(19) They can grow up to 12 inches.

(20) One fun facts that they have a resembles to the human face with their eyes, lips and large odd nose.

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