20 Facts about the Flatwoods Monster to Know What It Is

It was the evening of 12th September 1952 when three kids from Flatwoods, WV reported the sighting of a UFO Crash that had created a lot of stir in the neighborhood. This incidence gave birth to the tales of the Flatwoods Monster which has been the talk of the town ever since then. Here are some interesting facts related to this mysterious monster that will help you know what it is actually.


(1) The Flatwoods monster was seen first on the evening of 12th September 1952.

(2) The monster is an alleged extraterrestrial being.

(3) The Flatwoods monster is also known as the Phantom of Flatwoods.

(4) Some people also use the term ‘Lizard Monster’ while talking about the Flatwoods monster, owing to the reptilian attributes of the creature.

(5) As it was first spotted in the small town of Braxton County in Flatwoods, West Virginia, the monster is also known as Braxton County Monster.

(6) The monster was witnessed by a handful of locals, most eminent of who were three young boys aged between 10 and 13 years named Fred May, Edward May, and Tommy Hyer.


(7) The monster is a seven feet (or more) tall creature that has a black body.

(8) Local newspapers had reported the monster to be a 10 feet tall creature.

(9) The face of the monster is elongated and would remind one of a sideways view of a diamond.

(10) The dark face has a glow with large, circular non human eyes that would run the chill down the spine of its beholders.

(11) The Flatwoods monster is known for its long arms that had long claw like fingers. The fingers would remind one of the fingers of the prehistoric predators.

(12) The most interesting thing about the appearance of the Flatwoods Monster is the hood like shape above its round face. It looks like as if the monster is wearing a gown with a hood.


(13) The shrill cry of the monster is also very peculiar. It is a sound between a hiss and a high pitched sequel.

(14) The monster is not known to walk around. Instead, it hovers and bobs up and down in air, slowly advancing towards its visitors.

(15) It is believed that the Flatwoods monster is actually an alien that had crashed on earth with the UFO that had traveled from a distant galaxy.

(16) Of all the witnesses who had spotted the Flatwoods monster on the evening of 12th September was Kathleen May, beautician by profession. She, along with others experienced a series of sickness that included swelling of the throat and irritation in the nose.

(17) The sicknesses that were manifested by the witnesses of the Flatwoods Monster are similar to the symptoms as seen in victims of mustard gas or sufferers of hysteria.


(18) Many scientists tend to believe that the whole story of the Flatwoods monster is actually a much hyped thing. As per them, it was a Barn Owl that was being spotted amidst unconventional circumstances and surroundings by the locals of Braxton County.

(19) Another theory about the appearance of the Flatwoods monster is that the structure as seen by the witnesses was actually a man shaped cloud that was caused by a meteor crashing into the airs of Braxton County.

(20) The Flatwoods monster has made enough news for itself since 1952 and to add to that, it was found to be featuring in the videogame Amagon as the Final boss.

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