20 Mystery Facts about the Dead Sea Scrolls

(11) 30 copies of the Psalms, 25 copies of Deuteronomy and 19 copies of the Book of Isaiah have been detected among the scrolls.

(12) In these scrolls, prophecies by Daniel, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, which are not there in the Bible, could be found.

(13) The Isaiah Scroll found here is thousand years older as compared to any copy of Isaiah known previously. It is in more or less intact condition. These scrolls are the earliest Old Testament manuscript group to be found ever.

(14) These scrolls are mostly in Hebrew language, although many of them are also written in Aramaic, the common Palestine Jew language during the old times. Some of the texts are also in Greek language.

(15) With the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls, the knowledge of Aramaic and Hebrew languages have been enhanced a lot.

(16) The Dead Sea Scrolls happen to be a Jewish sect’s library.

(17) The sect was eliminated by the Roman army during the 66-70 AD, at the time of the First Jewish Revolt.

(18) While animal skins are most commonly used for making the scrolls, papyrus and even copper (in one) have been used.

(19) In a few cases, the words do not have any spaces between them. Mostly, no punctuation is given other than a paragraph indentation at times.

(20) Most of the texts still intact are from Caves 1 – 11, and were published during the late 1950s.

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