20 Mystery Facts about the Rongorongo

Somewhere in the 19th Century, a set of ancient Artifacts, including some etched symbols got explored on the famous Easter Islands, which is a tiny, remote island, at a distance of a few miles along the western sides of Latin America. This mysterious coding always had the attention of the world on it and hence, it makes sense to discuss about a few strange facts of these artifacts.

Points worthy to know about the Rongorongo Writing

(1) The Rongorongo writing is assumed to be Glyphs, which is a form of writing, but, the actual meaning of these Glyphs stands unexplored as on date.

(2) The actual time when these artifacts were raised, is still unsolved.

(3) None knows till date who took the initiatives to complete this task.

(4) The technique used to make these writings is still unrevealed. None yet knows as how the task was completed or the measured undertaken to complete the task.

(5) The inscription features some animals that are unknown to modern science. No one has been able to identify these animals and hence, some hold the notion that these animals are the imagination of the artists and never ever existed physically.

(6) Though it is believed that the name Rongorongo originated from the Rapa Nai Vernacular, no concrete evidences have been explored till date that will support this claim.

(7) The technique for forming wooden tablets and inscriptions on it was known to the civilization of the humans in the contemporary times. Thus, there r\prevails a question that how could one manage to do such task that stands much ahead of the times.

(8) Surprisingly, the figures drawn on these tablets feature perfect geometric progression that was not known to mankind in those days.

(9) Some of the writing features unknown and unnamed geometric progressions.

(10) Each figure features a height of 1 cm.

(11) No one has been able to state with confidence that what sort of tools were used to raise the figures on the wooden tablet.

(12) The orientations of the writing goes from the bottom to the top, resembling the style of writing followed in modern times.

(13) The wooden tablets are made with the woods of a few trees like Pine that never existed in this island.

(14) A flock of experts suggests that these wooden tablets were probably made, outside the Island and carried to the place, at a subsequent time.

(15) The writing features some peculiarity, featuring the minimum use of illustrations that makes it all the more tough to comprehend the meaning of the writings.

(16) There is a debate regarding the use of these tablets. While a camp of experts proposes that these tablets were used for preserving the memory, others state that the use was mainly for decorative purposes.

(17) In the opinion of a group of experts, if properly decoded, these tables will account for the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the place, during those times.

(18) Some suggest that these tablets with its inscriptions were used to convey some mystical messages, from one generation to its successor.

(19) AS stated by a camp of experts, the Rongorongo writing style actually happens to be proto writing, but never writings in its true form.

(20) The decoding of these mysterious writings, as the opinion held by people in this regard, would probably account the reasons for the collapse of the civilization in the Easter Island.

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