20 Mystery Secrets of the Starchild Skull

The Starchild Skull that was accidentally explored in Mexico during 1930, even in today’s date, stands as one of the unsolved mysteries in the history of human civilization. Was the baby born due to lovemaking between the UFOs and humankind? When was the baby born and when it died? Here are the top 20 mysteries about this skull that still remains unsolved.

20 Mysterious facts about the Starchild Skull that stands unsolved

(1) A Mystery about the parents of the baby: Immediately after the discovery of the skull, contemporary experts examined it and came to the verdict that the baby was the outcome of intercourse between a human female and an Alien-man. Though this theory was rejected at a later phase, the actual parents of the baby still stand unidentified.

(2) Abnormally bigger size compared with the size of the skull of human infants.

(3) The skull is even larger than the average size of the skull of the human adults.

(4) Abnormal deformation of the skull: mysteries about the skull intensified as it features abnormal deformation that the modern science is yet to comprehend.

(5) An Unusual position of the optic nerve: contrary to the usual location, the optic nerve canal in this skull was situated towards the bottom.

(6) Aging of the skull: some advocated that the skull should be at least 900 years old. Though others contradicted, neither was able to determine the actual age.

(7) DNA testing conducted in 2011 explored that a major portion of it is yet to be known to the modern science.

(8) Strange fibers were found on the skull: a microscopic evaluation revealed some strange fibers that are likely to form due to some biological contamination, not known to modern science.

(9) Scientific testing revealed that the skull contains aluminum in abnormally high extent.

(10) Mysteries related to the cause of death: the exact reason for the death of the child is still unexplored.

(11) What was the child’s age at the time of death: though it initially appeared to the scientist from the condition of the teeth that probably the child died at the age of 6, further researches hinted that the child was a bit older while it died.

(12) The ethnicity of the child: though it was initially assumed that the baby is from Haplogroup C community, another female skeleton discovered along with this skull, exhibited that the female belongs to the Haplogroup A.

(13) The frontal sinuses are not present.

(14) The size of the inner ears is abnormally large, compared with the average size in normal humans.

(15) The location of the ears and the eyes on the skull is notably lower than the positions in usual cases.

(16) The eye sockets feature lesser depth.

(17) The lower face, in comparison with the usual cases, lays lower and its size is much smaller.

(18) The skull exhibits 3 rows for teeth which is absurd in Humans.

(19) The check bone of the skull features abnormally smaller size than the average size of this bone in human beings.

(20) The size of the chewing muscles is almost the half of the size of the same muscles in mankind.

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