Mystery Stories about the Flatwoods Monster Case

Flatwoods monster found it on September 12, 1952. This creature was reported to be huge, at least 10 feet tall. Its face is red and body is green. Its head shape like a heart or ace of spades and the grotesque head with non-human eyes. No weapon was found when the creature was found. Its long claw-like fingers were stubby and suspected to be biological weapons.

After encountering the Flatwoods monster, Mrs Caslin and the boys all suffered from nasal and sore throats. They said the symptoms were caused by the monster’s foul – smelling fog. Lemon, who initially had mild symptoms, became more severe after two visits to the scene and inhaled more pungent odors, which caused severe vomiting and paralysis. “His symptoms are similar to those of inhaling erosive gases,” the doctor said. As a result, it took Lemon several weeks to get back to normal, and the dog that followed him died two days later.

In fact, many residents who lived around the scene witnessed the glowing UFO at that time .

According to their testimony, the number of UFOs was 4-5, and they saw two of them disassemble in the air and fall, the other two falling in the same direction.

Lemon’s mother, who lives near the scene, also gave interesting testimony. Her house shook and the radio failed to pick up when the monster landed on the hill, she said.

Soon news of the Flatwoods monster, a red-faced, gassing monster, spread across the country. On a Sept. 18 television show in New York, the family went on television to talk about the incident and sketch the monster they had seen. According to reports, in July, two months before the incident, the UFO in Washington threatened the United States, the world’s strongest country, and US President Truman issued an attack command. However, when fighter jets were scrambled to approach, the UFO suddenly disappeared but appeared in the distance, which happened several times before it suddenly disappeared. A week later, it happened again.

President Truman hurriedly called Dr. Einstein, and Einstein responded with “candidly admit the superior science and technology of unidentified flying objects, and should avoid fighting…”. As a result, the UFO was just performing, and it soon disappeared. However, at the scene of the Flatwoods monster’s appearance caused a big sensation.

On June 20, 2009, an unidentified flying object was seen in the sky near the international airport of Mexico City.

The object being photographed, in its shape and tone, is clearly not an airplane or a balloon. Because you can see the pink light moving in the center, surrounded by green light, and in the center is a head, a body, and something that looks like a dress. Isn’t this strange object reminiscent of aliens?

After the video was posted online, many people said, “Isn’t this the Flatwoods monster?”

Less than two months later, on August 12, another unidentified flying object of exactly the same color and shape was photographed in the Russian capital, Moscow. It was filmed and made public on the Internet, where rumors spread.

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