Top 10 Black Swallower Fish Characteristics that Have Helped it Survive

The Black Swallower fish is a creature from the deep sea that has a special capability to eat more than its size. It is really a rare quality that is not seen in all the fishes found in depth of the sea. The smaller size but bigger eating capacity adds uniqueness with its name. These properties are the reason for its popularity and making it interesting to research about. The fish can survive into the sea with the help of following characteristics:

(1) Stomach Full of Elasticity: The fact of eating 10 times more than its own size is true because of its flexible stomach. The stomach is highly stretchable to consume a larger mass while feeding. It expands according to the size of the prey it eats.

(2) Sharp Teeth: It has teeth that are extra sharp to hunt and kill its prey easily. The teeth stuck into the skin of prey and make it motionless for easy hunting.

(3) Strong Interlock of Jawlines: The teeth should be interlocked strongly after eating the whole prey and push the mass to inner stomach. This interlock helps in persisting the prey into the stomach until the digestion is done.

(4) Bigger Mouth: Although with a small body size the fish has a larger mouth to make a bigger bite over its prey. Mostly its capacity is measured that it can eat 2 times than its length and 10 x than its size of the body, and this is possible because of larger mouth.

(5) Longer lower jaw: The lower jaw is naturally bigger in size than Black Swallower’s upper jaw line. It can expand more to downward for eating a big mass. The jaw and the stomach both are known for their extreme extensibility.

(6) Smooth Skin:  The skin of Black Swallower fish is really smooth because of no scaling. It can be helpful to go through a crowd of fishes smoothly to reach its prey. The no sticky skin is really helpful while hunting in a sticky environment of the sea.

(7) Living Area: It is mostly found in the depth of oceans that have extreme darkness. The depth saves it from the in-sea monsters, which can eat this smaller creature easily.

(8) Hunting Mechanism: The Black Swallower fish is considered to use a clever mechanism for hunting its food. It mostly eats the prey from its tail but kills it by making a bite on its head and near its gills. The prey dies because of extreme suffocation and it grabs the mass easily as it doesn’t move after death.

(9) Color: The fish is not familiar with hiding techniques for saving itself from the sea hunters. It stays secured because of its dark black color, which makes it difficult to detect in the darkness of the sea.

(10) Breading: Its eggs are found with a dark color that can easily stay hidden from other egg eaters of the sea and helps in the continuous reproduction of new Black Swallowers.

So these are some qualities of Black Swallower fish that are really helpful for the fish in surviving into the sea full of many other sea creatures.

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