Top 10 Camarasaurus Characteristics that Have Helped It Survive

(6) Scientists believed that the Camarasaurus could have eaten stones which helped it to grind the food in the stomach. These stones are known as gastroliths. Once the stones are polished and are of no use they are regurgitated through the mouth and fresh ones and taken in.

(7) A habit that would have helped in their survival could be that they traveled in groups or families. This would have probably saved them from the attacks of larger predators. They are known to be social and that may have helped in protecting each other in case of an attack.

(8) Scientist believed that compared to other dinosaurs the Camarasaurus had a stiff neck. This could have helped them reach the top of the trees to feed. This inference is arrived after studying the vertebrae of the animal.

(9) The Camarasaurus had five toes on each foot. One of these toes had a claw which scientists believed could have been used for defending itself from predators.

(10) There were holes in the skull of the Camarasaurus. These were thought to be helping the dinosaur in keeping cool in the arid regions that it roamed about.

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