Top 10 Goatman Sightings with Pictures Proved it is real

A goatman is a terrible combination of a human and a goat, creating a dangerous monster. The legends of the goatman dates back to the 1950s, and since then several sightings of the deadly monster across states of the USA, like Texas, Kentucky and Wisconsin have been haunting people till today.

Here are the best goatman sighting stories which were recorded at different time through the years since 1950.

(1) In the 1960s hikers were killed mercilessly by the goatman in Louisville, KY. And this incident taking lives of 14 hikers was threatening enough for teenager and hikers to avoid the woods.

(2) A couple was walking through the Zug road near the woods in Huntington. The female noticed a strange creature watching them from the woods. It has human like features, tall height and ragged looks. It was the June of 1963.

(3) Once again in Huntington in April 1971, in the Fletchertown road, a farmer saw a huge human form which was strange looking, and was devouring on the remains of a pig. As it felt the presence of the farmer, it ran off.

(4) This one happened in September 1976 in the Woodmore Country Club. A landscaper found some bony remains of some unidentified animal on the golf course. He was looking through them, when he heard a low growling sound. As he looked above he saw the goatman.

(5) In the October of 1985 another man T Wilkes who was a policeman went on an investigation to the old Glendale hospital building. Some teenagers had reported unusual noises from the area. The officer could not spot the source of the noises, but the sounds were believed to be of the goatman only and none else.

(6) At Hyattsville, Maryland, there is a park called the Magruder Park. Once during a birthday party, a boy went inside the park after a ball. Next the guardians came in running when they heard the scream of the boy. The boy was shaking with fear as he said his mom that he saw the red eyed monster which he sees in his room too at night. This happened in Aug ’1990.

(7) In the May of 1998, some teenagers were drinking in a public place popular for hanging out in Bowie. They noticed some movements in the local weeds, and two of them went to see what it is. They saw a huge human like creature running into the woods.

(8) In Glenarden a golf tournament was to be captured on camera by the WRC-TV in July 2007. The camera men were on work, when one of them noticed the strange goatman on a tree. He could manage to capture a footage of few seconds by which the animal disappeared.

(9) The Anansi’s goatman story is very famous. Campers who were all teenagers were badly frightened by the goatman sightings and the story circulates a lot on the internet and several books have been written, and films were made on this.

(10) In 1957, in Maryland the goatman appeared in the lover’s lane and tried killing and harming all couples passing by. Eventfully a dog got killed by the goatman.

These are all real stories and have been captured a few by eyes while some on cameras, thus making the incidents much more believable and posing questions about the existence of the horrific human goat hybrid. The legend still continues and searches are on for the goatman.

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