Top 10 Mysteries about John Titor Predictions

A mysterious and debated time traveler from the US, John Titor, claims to travel across time and he came up with various forecasts that surprised people. Though the majority of these predictions went wrong, still it uses to surprise people and thus, they kept on discussing about those predictions.

(1) The World War III will break out in 2004

One of the most severe predictions from Titor was about the possibilities of the outbreak of the 3rd World War in 2004. Though it never happened ever, still it came as a threat to the world when John actually voiced his claim.

(2) The World War III would literary go global by 2008

It was his prediction that the 3rd World War, after breaking out on 2004, would embrace each and every nation, from round the globe. Unlike the instances in the previous 2 World Wars, there will be more blocks and allies, formed between different nations.

(3) A civil war is about to happen in the US

John brought a nightmare to the Americans, predicting that a Civil war is sure to appear, somewhere around 2015.

(4) The fall of the sovereign US

One of the most severe predictions for the US was that the civil war would result in the collapse of the Sovereign US of 50 states and it would give rise to 5 new sovereign nations. This prediction shook the ground under the feet of the Americans.

(5) Dark clouds slowly swallowing the American society

Another blow for the Americans was predicted by John as he stated that in the near future, the Americans will turn to a community of self-centered, iron-hearted and lazy people, with a complete devastation of the social values and legacy of Humanitarian approaches.

(6) There will be no official Olympic Games after 2004

John gave a blow to the sportsmen and enthusiasts of sports activities with his prediction that after 2004, the Olympic Games are not going to hold for a considerable span.

(7) Chances for the Olympic Games to revive after 2040

As a silver lining amidst the dark cloud, came John’s prediction that there are chances that the Olympic Games will be revived after 2040.

(8) Prediction about the Iraq War

John was correct in predicting the outbreak of the war in Iraq and he was even right that the Amercian government would have allied with the administrations of different nations in this war.

(9) Changes in some orientations in the lifestyle of the Americans

In 2000, John claimed that some major changes are going to come to the prevailing orientation of life of the Americans. It would embrace the personal as well as the professional lifestyles alike.

(10) Changes in the famous tree-houses of Florida

Another prediction about the forthcoming change involves the famous tree-houses of Floria that were basically a measure to combat the attacks of flood, every year. John claimed that such style of housing is not going to exist in the coming future. However, it never went true, at least as on today’s date.

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