Top 10 Mysteries of the Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones gives a clarion call to the modern world to bring drastic changes in the world order. As a monument the Georgia Guidestones establish the links among the world elite, the movement to establish a new world over and the secret societies. The Guidestones were erected in the year 1981 and they contain ten guides for establishing the New World Order. The ten guides include population control, World Government and protection of environment. It is amazing that all these topics are seriously discussed today all over the world.

The Georgia Guidestones, also known as the American Stonehenge is a granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia. Georgia Guidestones were revealed to the people on March 22, 1980. It consists of four huge granite stones around a center slab with a balancing cap stone on the top.  The Georgia Guidestones which were erected in the year 1979 are among the unsolved mysteries in the world. Here are the ten mysteries of the Georgia Guidestones.

(1) The mysterious disappearance of R C Christian

R C Christian met Joe H Fendley, the President of the Elberton Granite Finishing Corporation in June 1979. Christian introduced himself as a representative of an anonymous group of Americans outside Georgia and that they are working on a 20 – year project to provide a message to future generations. Joe Fendley introduced R C Christian to his banker Wyatt C Martin. After meeting Fendley and Martin, R C Christian left the place and was never seen again but, within one year the Guidestones were revealed to the public. Christian has left a stone tablet a few yards away from the Guidestones on which he has given explanation of the Guidestones and its features. The sudden appearance and the permanent disappearance of R C Christian is an unsolved mystery.

(2) The purpose of the monument

The Georgia Guidestones provide political, philosophical and astronomical knowledge. The ten guides are written on the four stone blocks in 8 languages – English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi and Hebrew. At the top of the monument, a short message is inscribed in four ancient languages – Sanskrit, Classical Greek, Babylonian and Egyptian. The unsolved mysteries still remain – what these Guidestones mean, the guides are meant for whom and when the New World Order will be established.

(3) Mysterious configuration

The huge ‘paddlewheel’ configuration of the four giant granite slabs indicates the extent of migration by the sun in the course of one year and it also shows the extreme positions of sunrise and sunset in the entire cycle of 18.6 years. A special hole is drilled on the center slab through which the North Star is visible throughout.

(4) The Mysterious Time Capsule

The explanatory tablet which lies at the base of the Guidestones provides various details about the structure of the monument. On the tablet, it is mentioned that a Time Capsule is buried under it. However, the contents of the Tim Capsule remain as unsolved mysteries.

(5) Astronomical features

The astronomical features of Georgia Guidestones also make it a mysterious monument. Since the configuration of the structure is closely related to celestial bodies, it is considered as the work of secret societies like Freemasons. They might have inscribed the “sacred knowledge” in the monument which they might have acquired from the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, Greece and the Druidic Celts.

(6) The Guides for a New Age Reason

The ten guides that are mentioned in the Georgia Guidestones are just like a blueprint of a New World Order. These guidelines call for various revolutionary actions, most of which are seriously discussed today even on global venues. The actions required to establish the New World Order include drastic reduction of world’s population, introduction of a New World Language, creation of a world court, maintain balance between personal rights and social duties, not to destroy nature but protect nature, etc.

(7) Who all will exist as a result of the New World Order?

The first guide for drastic reduction of world population is the mysterious guide among the guides on the Georgia Guidestones. It stipulates that more than 92% of the world’s population is a burden and hence only one out of 13 people should exist. Who are the people who will exist? Does it mean that only the wealthiest people will exist?

(8) The last guide

The last guide of the Georgia Guidestones asks people not to be a cancer on the earth and asks them to leave the earth so that there will be sufficient room for nature. The world’s elite always call for a massive reduction of the world’s population. By way of comparing human beings to cancer, it gives the message that the New World Order is possible only by the extinction of more than 90% of the population.

(9) Eugenics will come back?

The second of the ten guides that are mentioned in the Georgia Guidestones call for wise reproduction to improve diversity and fitness. This guide indicates that for the New World Order, laws are to be enacted to limit the number of children per family and also for selective breeding to improve fitness and diversity. The fear about “eugenics” makes it a mysterious guide.

(10) Anonymity of the authors

The guides on the Georgia Guidestones were written by anonymous authors who still remain anonymous there by making the monument shredded by mystery. Though their call for preservation of nature is justified, if the policies are imposed on the people by greedy and selfish politicians, it may lead to the extinction of more than 90% of the population.

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