Top 10 Mysteries of the Voynich Manuscript Decoded

The Voynich Manuscript is supposed to be a highly mysterious subject till date. It is still not fully read since most of the pages are missing. Right from the year of 1912, when it had been found out by the Polish book- collector and named it as Voynich Manuscript, it has become one of the most mysterious books which need to be cracked or decoded.

The mysteries of the Voynich Manuscript:

(1) Researchers are perpetually confused in finding the right origin of the manuscripts. There are possibilities which have been found out that it had links with various countries.

(2) It is seen that there are nearly 240 pages are found, however, many pages are still missing. After this, many researchers have tried to figure out about the origin of the manuscripts.

(3) From the pages that have been found, there are drawings of various plants and stars. From the sketches, some of them have tried to locate the similarity with the various zodiac signs. However, nothing could be concretized due to various opinions that the persons were bringing up.

(4) However, Marcelo Montemurro is of the opinion that the manuscripts were not hoaxed. He along with some other have tried to connect the manuscripts via computer and tried to decode them.

(5) After that, he had tried to analyse it and came up with the opinion that it did follow some kind of “real language”.

(6) However, the group, from the American Botanical Council is of the opinion and that too after studying the pictures and illustrations of plants and leaves, which were there in the manuscripts, put forward the fact that they have some Mexican origin.

(7) Prof Bax who studied the manuscripts and said that it might have the link with the various zodiac signs also said that this might as well be connected with the hieroglyphs scriptures of Egypt and even found similarity with the Arabic language. Along with that he also had the opinion that the manuscripts might as well have similarity with the herbal manuscripts of Arabia.

(8) As on date only out of the 240 pages only 10 words and 14 symbols could be made out. This makes the manuscripts even more mysterious.

(9) It is also heard that the cryptographers during the 2nd World war under the Nazis could not make out what was written in the book. This is one point which is really significant.

(10) Later many said that since the manuscripts were found in Italy, it has links to Europe; while some went on to say that the manuscripts had close contact with the Asian languages.

So the manuscript despite varied researchers still remains un- read, and this is one striking fact. There is various evidence that people have been trying really hard to crack the manuscripts, we have to wait for the right time to be decoded possibly. Researchers are the working hard however they are failing possibly because that they are still not sure of the right time line that the manuscripts followed.

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