Top 10 Peacock Mantis Shrimp Characteristics that Have Helped It Survive

Peacock Mantis Shrimp is also known as marine mantis, boxing lobster, marine lobster, or animal spins with some really impressive characteristics. Its name is given by its morphology somewhat similar to the praying mantis. However, it is recognized 12 families, about 70 genera and nothing more and nothing less than 350 species.

Let us find out Top 10 Peacock Mantis Shrimp Characteristics that have helped it survive:

(1) Peacock Mantis Shrimp has really bright and unique colors. In a way very similar to her sister terrestrial, the religious, this has a much more striking coloration such as red, bright green and blue.

(2) Its exoskeleton is strong so that it is protected against blows and other attacks. You have to consider that hitting is precisely the way in which she hunts so that she does not suffer damage even when faced with high hardness. The maximum length of the animal is 18 cm.

(3) Undoubtedly one of its outstanding aspects is its excellent vision. It has a pair of large eyes located in the upper part of its body. The eyeballs work separately so that they can make a perfect tracking of where the prey is. In this way, it has three times as good information as a human being would have because it has a reference system more than us.

(4) Its eye is divided into three sections and can offer the vision of the same object with three different optics. This integrated visual information allows the praying mantis to have an excellent view of depth. It is capable of perceiving infrared, ultraviolet and polarized light as well as 12 colors. This is possible thanks to the provision of a series of ommatidia in rows of six.

(5) His vision allows him to recognize objects without hardly any cognitive effort. Polarized light gives information about the electromagnetic fields that surround the animal, making it immune to methods such as hiding places or mimesis. Of course, for a prey of the marine mantis, it is impossible to hide. These characteristics are so impressive that scientists are studying them carefully to replicate them in some way in technology.

(6) Its lower clamps, 10 in total, give it great speed, reaching up to 100 km/hour.

(7) It is really aggressive and violent and of an amazing force because of a kick, it can destroy crystals or shells of crustaceans. He does not let himself be intimidated by anything, confronting all kinds of beings even if they double his size.

(8) The movement of its pincers that resembles a boxer is given by a complex pressure lever system designed with a complex network of chain bones that allows it to launch a blow of such a span that it can reach a speed of 350 meters per second.

(9) This aggressive behavior means that it has hardly any enemies and that it is possible for all marine animals to stay away from it. For that reason, it can be seen sometimes destroying animals.

(10) He is solitary and does not let himself be intimidated by bigger fish, he has a reputation of facing animals that are twice the size of him.

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