Top 10 Pope Lick Monster sightings with Pictures Proved it is real

Of all the mysterious demons and monsters that you get to hear about, the Pope Lick Monster is undoubtedly one of the most fearsome one. This monster, which is known to live under the Trestle bridge over Pope Lick Creek in Kentucky, is a part man, part goat and part sheep creature.

There are many stories and many claims where different witnesses narrate different experiences about their encounter with the Pope Lick Monster. One of the most striking features of the monster is that it is believed to carry a blood stained axe with which it attacks its victims. Here are the details of the top sightings of the Pope Lick Monster that will prove that this demon does exist in reality.


(1) This picture is one of the most prominent pictures of the Pope Lick monster where the monster is seen with sheep like horn underneath the Railroad trestle bridge in the neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.


(2) The identity of the photographer of this picture of the Pope Lick Monster is unknown. This is one of the clearer pictures of the monster that has ever been clicked by any living human.


(3) This Pope Lick monster was sighted at its legendry home which is just beneath the railroad Trestle bridge in the suburbs of Louisville, Kentucky. The monster is seen with pointed ears and other sharp features.


(4) The Pope Lick monster is seen chasing a deer in the darkness. While the monster is known to attack humans more than anything else, but this picture captures the monster chasing a deer. A change for the taste bud of the monster?


(5) The picture is being drawn by a witness who was lucky enough to run away with his life even after spotting the monster at his legendary abode. The monster is known to lure people by means of telepathy, voice mimicry or hypnosis and kill them with its blood stained axe.


(6) This picture is one of the most fearsome sightings of the Pope Lick Monster. The details of the photographer are not known, but it is believed that possibly this was the last flick from the photographer. The Pope Lick monster is seen to be attacking the photographer with rage and fury being clearly visible on its face.


(7) One of the earlier pictures of the Pope Lick monster where the demon is seen loitering around its legendary home near the Trestle Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky. The horns of the part man part sheep part goat monster are not visible here in this picture though.


(8) There is a scope of confusion on whether the creature in the picture is a Goat man or the Pope Lick Monster. Experts on the monster however claim that this is much dreaded and much feared Pope Lick Monster without its legendary axe in its hands.


(9) The Pope Lick Monster is seen here with its legendry blood stained axe. As per witnesses, it is with this axe that the demon attacks and slays his victims after luring the trespassers either by means of hypnosis or by voice mimicry.


(10) This picture shows the much feared Pope Lick Monster walking down the woods. The photograph had caused a huge stir amongst the locals who feared the monster more than any other thing.

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