Top 15 Secrets of the Aokigahara Forest about Ghosts and Bodies

The mysterious Aokigahara forest has been the focal suicide point for the Japanese for many decades. Owing to the many deaths, this forest at the base of Mount Fuji has been thought to be a stage of paranormal activities. The forest, which already has a very creepy appearance and is absolutely devoid of any wildlife or sound, has many secrets about the ghosts and bodies concealed within its heart. Here are top 15 secrets of the Aokigahara Forest about the ghosts and bodies.

(1) The number of bodies found inside the forest of Aokigahara in 2002 was 78, which increased to 105 in 2003.

(2) In 2010, more than 200 people had attempted suicide in the forest, 54 of which had reportedly succeeded.

(3) Many people have spotted pale women figures with thin hair in white robes roaming around inside the forest.

(4) Images of apparitions have been recorded in video recordings as well. Most of the videos have been tested to be free of any tampering of any sort. This certainly makes the thought stronger that the forest of Aokigahara is inhibited by unsatisfied souls of the people who committed suicide here.

(5) Many people have heard bloodcurdling screams inside the forest, the source of which remained to be unknown even after extensive searching.

(6) Many hikers have seen a Buddhist monk inside the forest who is known to be dissuading people from committing suicide. The whereabouts of this monk is not known and is believed to be a ghost or Yurie himself.

(7) Many people have reported a feeling of being watched when they hike inside the forest. There is no apparent reason for such feeling, as there is no wildlife or life in any other form inside the forest.

(8) A faceless doll was once found nailed upside down on one of the trees in the dense forest. Onlookers believed that it was a curse that was left by one of those people who had committed suicide in the forest.

(9) Most of the bodies that are found inside the forest have dies by hanging themselves from the trees. Other way to commit suicide is by taking high doses of life taking drugs.

(10) The secret behind the deaths is believed to the will of the spirits. Locals believe that it is the spirits of the dead, which call the living people to this doomed place to take their lives.

(11) Tourists who have wandered off the set trail, have discovered many disturbing things inside the forest which includes rotting dead bodies, torn family photos, hanging ropes, suicide notes and many such things that would disturb the mind terribly.

(12) The thickness of the forest is known to be one of the biggest reasons for not being to find many dead bodies, which lie unfound inside the dense Aokigahara forest, which is also known as the sea of trees.

(13) The bodies that are found by the suicide prevention patrol party are brought to a local forest station and kept there, till someone comes to claim the mortal remains of their loved ones.

(14) Till the time the bodies are kept inside the forest station, someone sleeps next to them every night. If the bodies are left alone, the spirits are known to scream around the whole night.

(15) The compasses do not work inside the Aokigahara forest, which points to the presence of ghostly or paranormal energies in the area.

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