20 Mystery Facts about Rudolph Fentz

Across times, various tales of time traveling has come up, but, a few have been able to attract the attention of the mass to the extent as the tales of Rudolph Fentz did. While some consider Rudolph simply  a fictitious character, others are of the firm belief that he actually existed, sometime around the middle of the 19th century.  You believe the legends or not, you cannot ignore that it involves a profound mystery.

Strange facts and figures about Rudolph Fentz

(1) The world got to know about Rudolph Fentz as a character from Jack Finney’s celebrated science fiction “I’m scared”.

(2) Some people hold the notion that Finney actually got the inspiration of this character from some urban legend.

(3) A camp of observers claims that Rudolph Fentz actually existed and many of the legends about him are true.

(4) There is another camp of experts who denied the theory about the practical existence of Rudolph.

(5) There are myths that claim that Rudolph was successful to time travel, by an extent of 100 years in advance.

(6) Neither the believers or the non-believers have been able to prove its authenticity or simply a hoax.

(7) There are claims that Rudolph died sometime around 1950’, meeting a fatal car accident.

(8) The items that were recovered at the morgue from Rudolph’s corpse, provided a token having the name of a saloon that was never found in the area.

(9) There was a bill from a provider of washing services in Lexington Avenue that was never found.

(10) The morgue officials found his business card that stated that Rudolph had his office in the 5th However, no such establishment was ever found.

(11) A letter to Rudolph that came from Philadelphia in June 1986. However, the identity of the sender was mentioned.

(12) Rudolph was found to carry a medal for winning the 3rd place in a 3-legged race.

(13) The current owner of the place at the 5th avenue, as mentioned in Rudolph’s Business card, never knew Rudolph.

(14) It is still a secret who partner Rudolph in the 3-legged race.

(15) Though few people claimed to know Rudolph, they described him as a man of 60 years.

(16) The people who stated that they know Rudolph in person, claimed that they lost track with him after 1940.

(17) It is claimed that when Rudolph died in the car accident, his wife was staying at Florida, after a separation. However, the people who claimed that they know him, clearly mentioned that Rudolph was never married.

(18) There have been legends that claim mysterious disappearance and re-appearance of Rudolph, before meeting the car accident.

(19) Some claims that the corpse found at the place of the accident was not of Rudolph’s, but, mysteriously the dead body was found dressed in his clothes.

(20) Captain Rhim, as a profound mystery, never came up with an official report, even after he is assumed to solve th case.

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