Top 10 Creepy Stories of Hotel Del Salto Haunted

Historic Hotel Del Salto, which is now popularly cognized as the Tequendama Falls Museum of Biodiversity, the most crowd- pleasing spots for the Bogota visitors, has many legendary stories behind the walls from the foul smell of river to the landslides; each story has been covered with suspense.

(1) The contaminated river Bogota– the Bogota River has been reported as the 2nd most polluted river on the Globe with the foul smell. The reason behind the scene is that people chose this high altitude spot to committed suicide by jumping in the river. The river also consists of faeces and wastes of around 8 million dwellers in Bogota and the chemicals from the industry which pollutes the river even at present.

(2) The meeting place for Elite people– There richest people of Bogota had access to the hotel and celebrated pompous parties inside. The place became a success and the gathering of the elite people increased to taste the luxury. Later, it was published in some press release that Hotel Del Salto invites ghosts driving other visitors to escape from hotel.

(3) The “EAGLE FLY” for freedom– reports say that the Musica Indians in order to avoid arrest by the Spanish Conquerors, jumped from the famous Tequendama Falls and upon falling transformed themselves into eagles and flew for freedom.

(4) The cry from the mansion– People there use to hear loud cry from inside the hotel after the sunset which led their belief much stronger about existence of ghosts.

(5) The mountainous road prone to slides– The road to the Hotel Del Salto, is filled with mountains and this mountainous road is disposed to landslides. People do prefer much slow ride to cross the region.

(6) The unaccomplished goal– In the year 1950, the hotel was proposed to be reconstructed as an eighteen storey hotel for tourist attraction, but not even a single foundation was laid to transform the building into a hotel. The huge mansion still remained in the original structure with the spirits of dead.

(7) The deceitful and perilous road– If making a visit to Bogota, then plan accordingly to return before the sunset as it has been reported by the visitors that the roads after dark are deceitful and perilous.

(8) The warning signs over the road– There are many milestones and way indicator that lead to the hotel, which few words painted over them as a warning sign to return back in the town leaving the mansion before the night falls.

(9) Casting horror films– The people here were so terrified that after a long study many Directors have shot horror films in the mansion to bring out the creepiness of the hotel and frame the darker view.

(10) Transformation to museum– In the year 2011, the hotel was transformed into museum as a mark of environmental restoration as well as cultural heritage, renamed as the “Taquendama Falls Museum of Biodiversity and Culture. The horror mansion now turns to be a museum for many visitors.

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