Top 10 Loch Ness Monster Sightings with Pictures

Loch Ness monster is probably one of those creepiest creatures of the nature which has strong mysterious background related to its legacy. Though it is said that Loch Ness Monster got extinct with the evaluation of time, still it has been seen at various parts of the low lands mostly in lakes of Scotland. This lake monster is huge in size with a long trunk shaped neck attached with a small head. Scientists also claimed that it might be a cross breed creature among seal and sea serpent. Sightings with the pictures of Loch Ness Monster have found in various parts of lakes.

Brief description of Loch Ness monster’s appearing with facts:


(1) A person named Anthony Shiels got a photograph of Loch Ness Monster in 1977 while camping beside Urquhart castle. He could able to click then. The Image also depicts a clear view of that lake monster.


(2) In the year 1990, the first image with more vividness of Loch Ness Monster was found. Before the incident all the published news were based on the eyewitness description. Famous surgeon R. Kenneth Wilson published the images of Loch Ness Monster. It was the best and convincing evidence till now. While passing the lake Kenneth he found it appearing from the lake.


(3) On May 2007 Gordon Holmes launched a video tape which he shot in the lake. It was a complete blackish big shaped sea monster like creature passing with extremely fast velocity in the water.


(4) Another person claimed that while researching for his own thesis in Scotland’s lake, he found a completely dark hidden animal passing in the water. With the help of hydro phonic equipment he also recorded its sound and got a photograph of it.


(5) Apple Map Satellite also published a blurry image of a sea monster which was believed as Loch Ness Monster. A society which was famous on researching on crypto Zoology has drawn a conclusion that it was surely the lake monster. It also found in the low land lakes of Scotland. This satellite footage of this missing animal had the highest credibility till now.


(6) In the year 2014, a team with nine members has seen an object across the water of Loch Ness, that creature lasted for 15 minutes long. Many of the people who have seen it could not explain what it was. Still it was believed by the source of the local inhabitants that that might be the sea monster mostly known as Loch Ness Monster.


(7) Conor Mckenna spotted an object in the lake of Scotland which was 15-20ft long in size. He found it from a distance of 250m to the sea shore. He witnessed a clear view of 6-7 second. It was a long necked creature which submerged in the water by creating a small wave in the water level.


(8) In recent time, on 1st May 2016 a viewer spotted something emerging from the water level of the lake. While trying to see it more precisely, he found that a head which was a large serpentine type of head appeared from the water. He witnessed it as a greenish monster like creature which was believed as the Loch Ness Monster.


(9) Videographical image through Google map and Google satellite also spotted some large shaped black object in the lakes of Scottish locale. That unidentified object was believed as the lake monster. It appeared suddenly and then disappeared quickly in the water.


(10) From another geolocation and observed through another part of the sea shore of that particular zone, the same satellite information at that particular time was taken. It showed the lake was filled with an unidentified long necked creature which was swimming beneath the water.

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