Top 10 Mysteries Between the Babushka Lady and the Kennedy Assassination

After the assassination of President John Kennedy on 22 November, 1963, a series of investigations were carried out by the CIA and FBI. As a part of the investigations, both agencies had been collecting photographs or video footage from people who were present in Dealey Plaza where the American President was shot dead while he was passing by. In these photographs and video footage was a mysterious lady who was seen clicking photos for the assassination. Even after extensive investigations, the whereabouts of this lady (who was given the name Babushka Lady) was never known and she remains to be the most mysterious element in the whole chapter of President Kennedy’s assassination. Here are the Top 10 Mysteries between the Babushka Lady and the Kennedy assassination.


(1) She was standing at a place near the street where she had very good chances of capturing the whole event of the assassination. There was hardly anyone between her and the President’s car, barring a man named Charles Brehm and his 5 year old son.


(2) Her position on the grass beside the road was also very peculiar. With not many people around her in that area, if she wanted she could have stood just beside the road and she would have got a better view of the President and his motorcade, but she chose to stand behind a man to click her photos. This makes it even more mysterious and points to the fact that this woman never wanted her face to get captured by anyone else who was taking photographs that day.


(3) The clear identification of the face of the Babushka Lady could not be done in any of the films or photos that were shot by spectators of the motorcade of the President. The face remained obscured in every photograph.

(4) In the panic that followed the gunshots, everyone was trying to run to a safe place or was lying flat on ground in a state of shock, but the mystery lady was still standing there untouched and taking pictures of the whole assassination.


(5) After the motorcade had passed by, and everyone was still in a state of shock, the babushka lady was spotted calmly crossing the road and walking out of the scene of crime into the grassy knoll.

(6) When the FBI had called out for everyone present at the scene of assassination to share photos or films that were taken by them, the Babushka Lady never came forward and shared her photos or give her testimonial.


(7) Multiple attempts of tracking down the Babushka Lady that were made by FBI failed. They could not find out the real identity of the Babushka Lady even till this day.

(8) In 1970, a woman named Beverly Oliver claimed herself to be the mysterious Babushka Lady, but her claims were refuted by the FBI. Firstly, in 1963, Oliver would have a slender bodied teenager of 17 years, whereas the Babushka Lady was somewhere in her middle ages. Secondly, as per the claims of Beverly Oliver, a Yashica Super 8 camera was being used by her. This camera was not in production before 1969.


(9) The name Babushka Lady was given to this mysterious woman owing to the scarf that she was wearing on her head. This particular scarf was similar to Babushka, a type of Russian scarf, which led to conspiracy theories that the Babushka Lady was a Russian spy.

(10) Even after years of attempts, the real identity of the babushka lady remains hidden and no one knows where she came from, and where she went to.

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