Top 10 Sigbin Sightings with Pictures Proved it is Real

If you ever turn the pages of Philippine mythological texts, you would come across the name Sigbin. It is a goat like creature that has large ears and walks around with its head lowered between its hind legs. It is basically the Asian version of the Latin American creature El Chupacabra. At times it spreads out wings which give it the appearance of a reptilian crow as well.

The creature is believed to walk backwards and is feared for sucking the blood out of its victims. The most startling fact about the Sigbin is that it can become invisible to other creatures. While the creature is being believed only in the myths and local folklore, however there are many evidences of this animal existing in the reality. Here is the list of the top 10 sightings of this fearsome creature.


(1) The corpse of a Sigbin was sighted in the suburban areas of Washington DC. While some people claim this to be the dead body of a Chupacabra, but as per experts this is the mortal remain of the much dreaded Sigbin only.


(2) A Sigbin is seen here catching hold of a local man. The sighting happened in Manila, Philippines on 13th July 2012. The victim’s name was Victor and he was aged 80 years.


(3) A Sigbin was seen inside a cage after locals of Mt. Luho Boracay captured it from the jungles.


(4) This fearsome Sigbin was captured in mobile camera in Sarawak, Malaysia on 30th January 2015. Before the creature could cause any damage, the locals had driven it out of the village.


(5) Before getting captured and encaged in Cebu, Philippines, this particular Sigbin had caused enough damage in the neighborhood. The locals could finally entrap the fearsome creature in the wintery morning of January 2016.


(6) A Sigbin is seen here with its wings spread across and ready to take flight. The location and date of the sighting is unknown, however, the most prominent features of the fearsome Sigbin are clearly visible in this picture.


(7) A startled Sigbin gets captured in the lens of an adventurer in the suburbs of Manila, Philippines sometime in late 2014. The creature was attempting to such blood from the animals in the barn of a local when it got sighted and eventually ran away.


(8) This apparently harmless looking Sigbin was spotted in the jungles of Malaysia and before a proper sighting could happen, the animal sneaked into the woods and was never to be seen again.


(9) Another sighting of the dreadful Sigbin where it looks as fearful as it is being described as in the various mythical texts of Philippines.


(10) Sigbin or Philipino El Chupacabra being sighted in the darkness. The creature resembles a hornless goat and has the reputation of sucking blood out of the shadows of its victims. Here in this picture, the dreaded creature is seen resting before it gets on the prowl to catch its net victim. The photo was captured somewhere in Philippines.

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