Top 10 Thresher Shark Characteristics that Have Helped it Survive

The thresher shark is a shark that has very fewer cases of human attack featured with its name. It doesn’t hurt humans and has many characteristics that help these sharks in surviving in the sea. Here we drive your attention towards 10 most useful characteristics of Thresher Shark that have helped it to survive.

(1) Strong Muscles:

The shark can use it all muscles with complete efficiency and its muscles are really strong. The shark is not involved in most of the shark attacks but it can hunt its prey easily with powerful muscles.

(2) Long Caudal Fin:

The fin is approximately half in length of its entire body or sometimes same to the body length. This fin is made up of strong bones and helps in regulating its blood with fast and continuous movement.

(3) Bigger Eyes:

The eyes have good vision to find its prey easily and save itself from hunters. It runs away from the human deck area when it sees any diver under the water.

(4) Hunting Technique:

It uses its long fin for hunting and this is really a rare way of hunting seen in a few sharks. It slaps its prey with continues hits of the fin and make it die. Then consume the hunted prey without difficulty.

(5) Smaller but Strong Teeth:

Its teeth are smaller in size but stronger and sharper to bite anything and cut its bones. It makes regular bites on the prey for fast feeding and also uses its teeth for cutting the lines of fishermen.

(6) Fast Swimming Speed:

Due to its long fin, it can swim in the sea with a rapid speed of 48kph and can also jump from the water to upward out from the ocean. The faster speed helps in rapid hunting from a large crowd of schooling fishes.

(7) Feeding:

The most commonly determined preys of Thresher shark are the usual schooling sea fishes that are easy to catch and eat. It has s small mouth to eat medium-sized animals. This saves it from making it an enemy of bigger shark hunters.

(8) Baby Protection:

It is believed that it saves its cubs from the hunters with a unique technique. It swallows them temporarily and protects them from outside hunters.

(9) Living Area:

They are found mostly in 500 meters of depth in the sea and always stay away from human areas as they are hunted for commercial benefits. This also protects them from the sea monsters that live on upper sea water.

(10) Blood Regulation:

They can regulate their blood to a warm-up for surviving in cold water. They move their caudal fin to make the water hot just as boiling. This produce protein in water, that provides the capability to go through and live even in cool water areas.

So these are some features of the thresher shark that help them to survive in all sea conditions. These sharks need support and protection as they are one from the mostly hunted fishes due to their beneficial properties. So love animals and save them from hunting as they are special.

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