20 Facts to Know the Babushka Lady Theory and the Conspiracy

The assassination of President John F Kennedy gave birth to the mystery of Babushka Lady. She was among the scores of people who had lined the Elm Street of Dallas Texas on 22nd November 1963 to get a glance of the President and his motorcade. Owing to many mysterious things about the Babushka Lady, she has been one of the most mysterious and intriguing element of the whole investigation process. Here are 20 Facts to know about the babushka lady and the related conspiracy theories.


(1) The name Babushka Lady was given to the mystery woman as she was seen wearing a Babushka scarf on her head.

(2) She was seen standing at the grassy knoll in between Main Street and Elm Street and photographing the passing motorcade of the President while he got shot.

(3) The woman was seen wearing a tan or light brown long coat with a scarf covering her head.

(4) She appeared to be a middle aged woman with quite strong physique.

(5) None of the photographs taken by other spectators could capture the real face of the Babushka Lady, as it remained obscured in all the photos. Only the back of the lady could be seen in most of the photos.


(6) The only frontal image of the Babushka Lady was captured in the Zapruder film that was taken by clothing manufacturer, Abraham Zapruder.

(7) However, the closest and best image of the Babushka Lady from the back was captured by Marie Muchmore, whose photos proved to be the most significant evidence for FBI during their course of investigation.

(8) If her intention was to behold the presidential motorcade and take pictures of it, she could have stood by the side of the street. Instead, she stood at a distance from the street, but at a position that gave her the best vantage point.

(9) Although it was not raining and neither was it too sunny that day, the Babushka Lady was still wearing a headscarf which is very unusual.

(10) The reactions of the Babushka Lady right after the assassination was very mysterious. When everyone else running for cover, she stood on the grass firmly, continuing to photograph the passing motorcade with the slain President in it.


(11) Even after the motorcade had passed by and while everyone was still in a state of utter dismay, the Babushka Lady was photographed walking out of the scene maintaining a calm composure. It seemed that she was hardly stirred by the gruesome murder of the President in front of her eyes.

(12) Like other spectators who gave their witnesses of the events of that day, the mystery lady never turned up to the FBI’s office for sharing her photos and giving her testimony to the investigators.

(13) Seven years after the assassination, a singer and dancer named Beverly Oliver made a false claim that she was the much talked about Babushka Lady. Her claims were refuted by the investigating authorities.

(14) Oliver would have been just 17 years in 1963 which was certainly not what the age of the Babushka Lady as seen in the photographs and video footages.

(15) Surprisingly, Beverly Oliver was a friend of Jack Ruby, the assassinator of Lee Harvey Oswald, the killer of President Kennedy.


(16) Many people think that the Babushka Lady was a Russian Spy who knew about the plan of the assassination and had come to capture those moments in camera. A point that can be noted here is that the gunshots happened only after the presidential Limousine was crossing the Babushka Lady.

(17) Many people think that possibly what the Babushka Lady was holding in her hand that day was a binocular and not a camera. This is why she didn’t share any film with the FBI, but she did not turn up to give her testimony as well.

(18) FBI failed to recover the identity of the Babushka Lady, no matter how hard they tried. It seemed that the woman who stood there at the scene of crime just vanished in thin air with her film.

(19) A film developer from Dallas reported to FBI agents that a single color slide was brought in by a woman whom he didn’t know. While the photos were blurry, but the assumed position of the photographer matched that of where the Babushka Lady was standing that day. The woman never came back to the film developer again.

(20) The most intriguing fact about the whole chapter of the Babushka Lady is the way she vanished, never to be seen or heard of again.

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