Top 10 Yeti Sightings with Pictures Proved Yeti is Real

The Yeti is an Ape like creature, little taller than the average human, and said to live near Nepal in the Himalayan region. This particular creature is also found in Bhutan and Tibet. Even you can meet this creature in Russia, China and also in Siberia. India also is making it in the list. Himamanav or the Yeti has the ability of attacking anyone at anytime and also has the ability of eating anything. If you don’t believe that Yeti still exists, now is the time to prove the point and change your mind set.

Get ready; Yeti is coming on your way


1. From a far distance this shot was taken, the Yeti went for a stroll in the evening in Himalayas. If you think this is not true then at your own risk you can try to prove it wrong.


2. Some do not believe the existence of Yeti, they state that basically this is utter nonsense. The rational minds argue that, few people wearing costume of a Yeti to scare the natives. This can be a topic of an interesting debate.


3. Do you think this is the real footage of a Yeti? A vital question for you to answer. However this is claimed to be real by the locals.


4. This is one of the much circulated pictures of a Yeti, which was sighted in the Himalayan forests. Do not dare to make the mistake of calling it fake, who knows Yeti might be just standing behind you and looking at you.


5. The investigators are looking for evidence in countries where Yeti was found. People of Siberia have claimed that, they have seen Yeti coming out of a jungle and crossing the road to go to the other side of the jungle.


6. This is a proof that Yeti still exists. This photo is taken by a man from the car. This incident took place in October, 2013 in a state park in Bradford. Though some claimed that, it was not a Yeti and rather a Bigfoot.


7. Though it looks like a man in a furry coat, it’s actually a Yeti claimed to be sighted by the photographer. This photo was clicked in New York’s prospect park. Some claim that it was just a prank. Prank is it?


8. Baby Yeti footage in Siberia. These particular footprints are possibly of a baby Yeti. A footprint of a baby is as big as a normal human being’s footprint.


9. A research says that, the DNA of a Yeti or Bigfoot matches with the DNA of a rare species of polar bear. The research is still in progress to confirm this statement. However he image top tells how prominently Yeti was sighted here.


10. Dare you to call this as a fake Yeti, but if you are sensible enough then you will not accept this dare.

Finally, the end

Do not play pranks with these things, remain safe. If you are visiting any of this country where Yeti has been found, just remain alert because Yeti can visit you to greet you anytime.

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