15 Secrets of the Nephilim in the Bible to Know Nephilim Today on Earth

As per Bible , the great flood in Noah’s day was caused by the Gods as GOD wanted to save humanity from the sins and corruption that had spread all across and also to destroy the evil Nephilim Giants. The Nephilim giants were the result of the copulation between daughters of men and sons of Gods or fallen men who were evil by nature and caused destruction on earth.

However, even after the flood washed out all the Nephilims from the face of the earth, these giants are still found to be prevailing in today’s world as it is believed that one of Noah’s son’s wives carried the gene. Although the conventional image of a Nephilim is that of a giant, but there are other secret traits as well.


Here are some secrets of the Nephilims that would help you know that Nephilims do exist in today’s world.

(1) The body language of a Nephilim is not something that you would call natural. It would be stiff and way too controlled.

(2) As most ancestors of the modern day Nephilims were warriors and defenders, the Nephilims have an extraordinary skill at hand to hand combat or with weapons. Their aiming skills are better than many of the champion archers.

(3) The telepathic strength of Nephilims is very strong. They can hear the thoughts of humans and communicate through the minds.


(4) Omnilingualism or the ability to speak, write or communicate in different languages is seen in Nephilims. They can innately communicate through languages that they have not heard before.

(5) Nephilims can communicate with animals as well.

(6) Nephilims have the great skill of reading body language and understand the thought process of people around them.

(7) Nephilims have a slow rate of ageing which enables them to live longer than regular humans.


(8) The Nephilims are more strongly built and have a higher resistance to injury than normal humans. They can still be injured by means of bullets or knives, but they can withstand the impact more easily than humans.

(9) Owing to the high endurance levels, Nephilims can withstand powerful blows which would have caused severe injury or even death to a normal human.

(10) Nephilims can outrun any human when it comes to speed and agility. Owing to the high reflexes, they can avoid any sudden attack.

(11) The healing factor of Nephilims is much higher than regular humans. They can recover from injuries caused by gunshots, burns or knives at a higher rate of recovery.


(12) The Nephilims possess the supernatural ability to get prophetic visions about the future. This makes them aware of any sudden attack from enemies and helps them prepare for the future well.

(13) Nephilims are immune to human diseases like cold, virus attacks or even cancer.

(14) Large skeletons were found to be buried in the Humboldt lake bed in Love Lock, Nevada. One of the skeletons was 8½ feet tall, while the other one was 10 feet tall.

(15) In 1950, Leg bones measuring 120 cms were found during road construction in South East Turkey. As per body ratio, the height of the owner of that leg bone must have been around 14-16 feet.

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