Flatwoods Monster Sightings with Pictures Proved it is Real

The story of the Flatwoods monster started with the September 12, 1952 incident. There were a few eyewitnesses of the real incident which all started with a UFO sighting. A group of school boys were playing at the backyard of their house at Flatwoods, WV, when they saw a UFO like thing flying across sky with a steak of red light or possibly fire. They saw the thing crashing to the ground nearby, and immediately collected few more boys to rush to the spot

There they saw the debris, and there only they saw a red light pulsating. Also they found a mist which was quite nauseous. To add to their horror, they finally saw the monster which later got worldwide attention as the Flatwoods Monster.


The monster had fiery red eyes, and it glided at them, made hissing sounds and later they also described it to be quite big than a human figure, almost 10 feet tall. With long claw like fingers, a round face, extra terrestrial appearance, and giant eyes, the monster actually looked very fiery and terribly horrific. The sound emitted by the Flatwoods monster was between a shrill hiss and a high pitched sound.


The image above shows how the monster may look like a barn own from a distance, but if taken a careful look, it would actually look fiery.

After the 12th September incident a show about the monster was aired on the radio and also on TV. The 19th Sep 1952 the TV show “We the People” talked about the Flatwoods monster, and also showed the drawing of the monster with Kathleen may, the prime eyewitness.

Here in this picture, four of the other eyewitnesses named Tommy Hyer, Freddie may, Edison may and Neil Nunley can be seen. The hand drawn picture of the Flatwoods monster shown here was drawn by Fred May, one of the key witnesses.


In this way many of the artists of that age had drawn the Flatwoods monster after hearing descriptions from the eyewitnesses. The picture below is one such depiction made by an artist who worked for the New York TV show as a staff.


This picture was shown when the show about the incident and the monster sighting was told on TV and Mrs. Kathleen May made the live appearance on the TV show. It was the September of 1952.

After this incident the entire small town of Flatwoods became famous, and the party which went to expedition to the hill top, where the UFO had crashed was on all newspapers, TV and radio shows and interviews. Mainly Mrs. Kathleen May got the highlight as she was bigger in age than the rest of the boys who were all aged between 12 and 18.

However, after that incident the Flatwoods monster was never sighted again, and only the real story and the memories of the eyewitnesses stays back, keeping the scientists, researchers and governments daunting about what it was really. Several theories exist about the monster, some telling it was an illusion, and some stating it was an alien, but the truth is yet to be discovered.

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