Top 10 Mysteries about the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin, for centuries, has been believed to be the real burial cloth, used to wrap Jesus’s body to the tomb. On the other hand, this theory was dismissed by another camp who considers it nothing, but merely a medieval hoax. Irrespective of this debate, this piece of linen has been probably the artifact that was given the maximum scope of analysis, yet profound mysteries kept developing around it. Paragraphs underneath shall throw light on some of the most popular mysteries regarding this cloth.

(1) The appearance of the impression of a crucified man on the cloth

If you have ever seen the photograph of this much debated linen, you will be aware of the fact that it holds the impression of a crucified man. Even after much scientific testing, none were able to explain how this image appeared on the cloth.

(2) The image lies just on the surface of the cloth

Another mystery is that the image on the cloth lies just on its surface, but, had not penetrated to the fibers.

(3) Photo-Negativity

Analysis of the Shroud of Turin suggests that the image on the cloth features photo negativity, an artifact that was not known to the people during the medieval times.

(4) 3-Dimensional Features

Another mystery with this piece of linen is how 3-dimensional features can come up in an artifact that is assumed to be formed in the medieval ages.

(5) Failure of the Carbon Dating Test

Though the piece was taken through the process of Carbon Dating test in 1988, when it revealed it as a piece of medieval artifact, there are theories that the portion of the cloth tested was re-woven during the Middle Ages.

(6) The image never had the hands of mankind beyond its formation

It has been scientifically proved that the image was never formed, using brush strokes, or with the use of biological agents, powder, dye, or paints. Thus, the exact way the image got cast on the cloth, is still a mystery.

(7) The stain of blood appears in red shade, but not in black

If the stain on this cloth is to be believed to be the blood of Christ, it should have come in shades of black as older blood stains turn into. However, the stain still lies in the blood red shade.

(8) Blood Analysis came positive

Researchers conducted the blood analysis for the strain and it displayed positive results in terms of the aspects like Heme, serum and bile. Moreover, the blood was found to be AB+ and it comprises the human DNA.

(9) The figure is not having directionality or an outline

(10) It includes information of distance that are usually observed in topographical maps.

No matter you call it supernatural or the  evidence of the optimum excellence in the artcraft, this piece of linen is the most mysterious cloth that has ever  come up in the history of mankind. No wonder, the Shroud of Turin is always having the attention of the world on it.

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