Top 10 Mysteries Between the Bimini Road and the Lost City of Atlantis

If the stories of the lost city of Atlantis thrill you, and if you have ever wondered if the utopian land of Atlantis actually existed, you may find your answer in the Bimini Road. The Bimini Road is an underwater rock formation that is made of rectangular stones that cumulatively stretches for about 0.8 km under the water near the Northern part of the Bimini Island in the Bahamas. This mysterious ‘road’ which is about 20 feet under the water is believed to be the path that leads to the lost city of Atlantis. Here are the top 10 mysteries of the Bimini Roads.


(1) Whether the rock formation is caused by natural phenomenon or it is a man-made structure, is not understood. While many people think it to be the outcome of tessellated pavement, the flat rocks which are cut at right angles do not seem to be formed naturally.


(2) The road that stretches for about half a mile has a pronounced hook at the end, which makes it look like the letter ‘J’ when pictured from above. The definite bend is a proof that the stones are not accumulated by the whims of nature, but are a part of a well engineered road that was constructed by man ages ago. However, the purpose of the bend at the end of the road remains to be covered in the layers of mystery.


(3) Famous American mystic Edgar Cayce had predicted that a portion of the temples were yet to be discovered under the slime of sea water and ages near Bimini. As per believers of the Atlantis, Cayce referred to the Bimini Road which was the pathway to Atlantis.


(4) In this prediction that was made in 1938, Cayce had mentioned that the discovery can be expected to happen during ’68 or ’69. It was in 1968 when subsea archaeologist Joseph Mason and his team discovered the paved pathway under the water.


(5) Cayce had reported speaking to a person who was an Atlantean in his former life. As per the Atlantean, the city of Atlantis used to be somewhere near the island of Bimini. This makes the connection between the Bimini Road and the lost city of Atlantis even stronger.


(6) Greg Little, an amateur archaeologist has discovered a second row of rocks right below the first one in the same formation. This adds to the mystery as whether the rock formation was that of a road or a wall could not be understood.


(7) Although the rocks are submerged in the water, the Bimini Road can be spotted in the satellite pictures as well.


(8) Radio carbon test of the rocks have found them to be not more than 2000 years old, but as per the proponents of the Atlantis theory, as whole rock samples were tested, the findings of the radio carbon tests are invalid.


(9) One rock from the formation was being analyzed by the experts at the University of Colorado. As per the findings, the rock had tool marks and signs of deliberate shaping which rules out the theory of these rocks being created naturally.


(10) When stones of the Bimini Road aka Bimini Wall were tested with other stones found off the coasts of the Bimini and other nearby islands, it was found the Bimini stones had lesser trace elements which points to the fact that these rocks were formed somewhere else and then were being transported to that area.

Much like the City of Atlantis, the Bimini Road is also highly mysterious and has been causing debates amongst scientists for years.

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