Top 7 Evidences to Prove the Lost City of Atlantis is Real

The lost city of Atlantis has been one of the most mythical things known to man. Whether the Utopia of Atlantis is true or not, whether such am empire actually existed or not, whether the facts mentioned in Plato’s work Timaeus and Critias are worth believing or not, is something that has been point of discussion and debate for many hundred years. While many people believe that Atlantis is nothing but a fictional island, there are many evidences which prove that the lost city of Atlantis was real and it used to exist about 11,000 years ago.

(1) 39 ingots of orichalcums were discovered in a ship wreck off the coasts of Sicily. These ingots resembled the mythical metal that was mentioned to be found in Atlantis in the works of Plato, the famous Greek philosopher.

(2) The city of Atlantis is believed to be sunken owing to a great flood that had gulped almost whole of the world thousands of years ago. In Plato’s work and other accounts, there is a mentioning of a great worldwide deluge that happened in similar times as the existence of Atlantis.

(3) Ancient mythological texts of Asian origin mention about an island continent named Lemuria that existed somewhere in the Indian Ocean. If the geographical locations of the island continent and the mythical Atlantis are to be tallied, they would prove be from the same region. It is thus strongly believed that what the ancient texts call as Lemuria, was actually the lost island city of Atlantis.

(4) Satellite photos of Marisma de Hinojos, a salty marsh region in the vicinity of Cadiz in Spain shows a couple of rectangular structures in the mud along with sections of concentric rings that might have been surrounding the rectangular blocks. This is a strong evidence of Atlantis being real as these structures resemble ancient temples that were found in Greek civilization thousands of years ago.

(5) Further investigation in the Spanish lands with means of digital mapping, deep-ground radar and underwater technology, it was revealed that there was a submerged ruin of cities which could have been the mythical Atlantis thousands of years ago.

(6) The vivid description of the city of Atlantis as given by Plato is a major evidence in itself. Such detailed description of the entire civilization of Atlantis would not have been possible if it did not exist in real.

(7) As per a theory given by Erlingsson, the city of Atlantis was based on modern Ireland. While Ireland was certainly not the mythical land of Atlantis, it is the only island in the planet that matches the descriptions of Atlantis as given by Plato.

There are several evidences of Atlantis being real are spread across the world, which makes historians believe that Atlantis was not a mere city, but an entire civilization in its own. As mentioned by Plato in his dialogues, Atlantis was destroyed in a single day and night. Many people believe that the technologically advanced empire was destroyed due to a tsunami which gulped the entire subcontinent in a matter of a single day.

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