Top 10 Chupacabra Sightings with Pictures Proved It is Real

Since childhood people keep on hearing stories about different creatures and monsters, most of them giving them a hair rising experience. One of such creature is Chupacabra which is mostly heard of being found in Latin America and is famous for its brutality towards other animals, especially goats, which is why it is also known as the Vampire beast..

The animal that looks like a small bear, or some people claiming it to be like a mix of dog and Kangaroo, is reported to be 4 to 5 feet tall, with a row of spine reaching from the neck to the base of the tail, hairless back, large nails and countless teeth.


Several sightings of the animal in parts of Philippines and Russia, and outside America, have brought this notion into the minds of the common man and farmers that Chupacabra is a really nasty blood sucking monster which can kill a herd of cattle in a night. Many also consider it to be mythological creature, though sightings at different places confirm its very existence. In the first time 1995 people looks this legendary Chupacabras in Puerto Rico.

Top 10 chupacabras sightings:


(1) This chupacabra was first seen in 1995, in Puerto Rico. It was rather unfortunate that during this sighting proved to be fatal for eight people who were killed by this animal.


(2) If the picture reminds you of a bear, you are grossly mistaken as the footprints that are being seen in the picture belong to the fearsome creature named Chupacabra.


(3) In 2004, near San Antonio was seen this type of animal attacking domestic animals.


(4) In 2005 this chupacabra had the glory of killing a number of domestic animals before it got trapped by the locals of Texas. Initially people could not identify the breed of the animal but later on it was determined to be a Chupacabra.


(5) In the year of 2006 chupacabra was first seen in Russia. Although it is believed to be Chupacabra, yet there is question mark whether the creature that was considered as Chupacabra was some other animal or not!


(6) Chupacabra was also sighted in San Antonio. It was captured in cameras that the beast was taking something in its mouth.


(7) Chupacabra was also seen in Texas in 2011. It is found that it has similarity with other animals like werewolf. Thus, it is considered that Chupacabra is a mixed. In 11 days this was the third sighting of the animal.


(8) This has been recorded by a man when a animal that is expected to be Chupacabra is attacking a Child. This is a dangerous sighting that was recorded.


(9) This image was taken by a woman named Ramona in Piedmont, North Carolina in 2013 and she sent this image to the newspaper stating that ‘Chupacabra does exist.’


(10) It is considered among the first sightings of Chupacabra where the beast is seen crossing the roads.

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