Top 10 Snaggletooth shark Characteristics that Have Helped It Survive

Sea life can be an interesting subject to learn about. It is a completely different world that filled with water. There are numerous living creatures and each is unique in one way or other. One such unique variety of sea creatures is the Snaggleteeth shark. Over 400 million years of evolution has refined shark species to be perfectly suited to the various aquatic environments in which they are found.

Ten survival characteristics of the snaggletooth sharks:

(1) The uniqueness is in a region where it lives. With such extant species, there are more to learn and know the art of survival in this world. The existence of the creatures can be often very much threatened due to the increasing Global Warming.

(2) They live generally in the coastal area but not in the deep sea, where the water is too cold. It prefers to stay in the warm water.

(3) The existence of this species is under great threat. There are researches that generally identify where the existence of such species can be placed on a scale of 7. The low order of this scale is 1 which may suggest that the existence of species is not a great concern. The higher part of this scale, which is seven, refers to that the species is extinct. For snaggletooth shark, the scale lies in two which means that the species is Near Threatening status.

(4) To live the snaggletooth sharks generally preys on various animals even the other sharks, bony fish, crabs, ray and the cephalopods.

(5) Their sharp teeth help them to cut and eat their prey easily. They live very close to the coastal area and get their foods very easily.

(6) The snaggletooth shark is found to be living quite scattered in different parts of the world, especially, in the regions of Atlantic and Pacific The fish is not found in a higher proportion.

(7) The fish is observed to have a strange appearance and looks very similar to eel. Some people also call it the sea serpent as it looks so very strange. There are six numbers of gill slits. It is characterized by small teeth and one would be surprised to know that there are about 300 teeth. The eyes are moderately large enough and lack the protective lids. The tooth spacing is so wide and distributed almost equally in the upper and lower jaws.

(8) Their reproduction strategy is quite different and it is called the placental viviparity. These sharks carry their young lives in a good placental type structure that complete with the umbilical cord.

(9) It grows very fast and in a rapid way. Their activities have recorded very rarely as they are one of the rarest spices of sharks. They use their strong teeth to eat the prey.

(10) This type of fish has got a weakness in swimming. And for feeding it depends on injured squids, small animals and other sharks. They swim with their mouth open and that eases to capture the prey.

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