Top 10 Goliath Tigerfish Characteristics that Have Helped It Survive

The Tigerfish or Goliath is an African inhabitant. It is usually established on the Congo River prefers to inhabit the warm fresh waters of South Africa. They are mostly observed in fast-flowing waters such as Pongala, Zambezi and Okavango. In the same way, they move to Lake Tanganyika, the North, and West of Africa.

It always inhabits fresh waters with tropical climates, rivers of strong currents, turbulent waters. All these habitat characteristics are due to the fact that in this way it can more easily catch its prey, which does not have the same forces and resistances swimming against the current, which it does perfectly and without depletion.

Here are top 10 Goliath Tigerfish Characteristics that have helped it survive:

(1) The Tigerfish Goliath is an aggressive and awake animal.

(2) Its size and appearance are two elements that make it the owner of a lot of prestige and respect of all the surrounding species.

(3) Even though they are small fish before they reach adulthood, they are dangerous looking animals, which inspire terror. Just watching his huge mouth, but his sharp teeth is a symbol that something is not right around this animal.

(4) The females are more developed reaching over their measure to reach seven hundred millimeters long and have an approximate weight of up to about 28 kilos.

(5) There is a theory among the inhabitants of Congo where it is claimed that it is the only one of the African fish that do not fear the crocodiles, they also assure that this monstrous appearance fish devours the juvenile crocodiles.

(6) The huge mouth of the Tiger Fish or Goliath is formed by 32 large and sharp teeth, both the upper and lower jaw are well developed, composed of two rows of teeth on both sides, with which you can perfectly catch and easily devour their prey.

(7) The appearance of this fish is similar to a large piranha, which is very well developed, with large and powerful jaws and a muscular body, being one of its most widespread attractions, its immense mouth, with an amount of thirty-two Sharp teeth, which come out of your mouth because of their size.

(8) Their teeth are very similar to those of sharks, but they are almost the same as those of crocodiles whose animal is devoured by Tiger or Goliath at an early age. After their growth they only share their same habitat, one could say that they are hunting partners.

(9) The Tiger or Goliath Fish has inside its body a bag of air with which it can capture the vibrations of the waves and movements which indicate the precise location of the prey. By having this system which facilitates the search, it becomes one of the fastest in devouring its prey as it takes them by surprise.

(10) Each tooth of this fish can reach an inch in length. His teeth are very well fixed to the jaws, besides being replaced throughout his life.

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