Top 15 Blobfish Characteristics that Have Helped It Survive

Blobfish is a unique marine creature that looks very ugly in the first appearance. This is not the real name of the fish but the label of this animal. This is the fun name of the fish got from the humans. They live generally on the sea floor and found in the deep depth in the sea level. But the scientific name of the fish is Psychrolutes Marcidus and part of the Animalia kingdom.

(1) They don’t have teeth and bones and don’t hunt very actively.

(2) In fact, they have very low muscle mass and not active to move from one place to another.

(3) They conserve energy and do not go for much work apart from eating

(4) The female ones lay eggs on the floor of the sea and they look very tiny and pink in color. Either the female or the male blobfish sits there on the eggs in order to protect their eggs.

(5) Their survival strategy is really unique and mysterious because they don’t have the swim bladder or the air sacs that you will find in most of the species of the fish and these parts are the way that allows the spices to control and adjust the buoyancy.

(6) It is believed that at the native depth of the fish, they have more a normal appearance and at the sea surface they generally appear without the water pressure to melt into the goo puddle.

(7) Some researchers also believe that the fish can be under the extinction threat. As they generally live in the huge depth of the sea, there is very less information available about the fish.

(8) They can be killed often by the professional fishermen as bycatch as they trawl the bottom of the ocean. The small change in the pressure as they brought to the sea floor, can allow more chance for their survival.

(9) They live generally in the sea depth of 600 to 12000 meter where the water pressure is much higher than normal sea level, so they found very rarely.

(10) As there are no muscles or bones in their body, they more look like the flesh colored gelatinous living animal or the “blob” that floating near the ocean bed.

(11) They have a larger head and in appearance, they look quite ugly but the large head helps them to survive.

(12) To maintain the buoyancy they lack the gas bladder but the low density and gelatinous body help them to float in the sea water with a higher level of density.

(13) Their jelly-like soft body and the near absence of the skeleton is the best possession that allows them to sustain in the huge pressure of water in the deep sea.

(14) Due to the low density, they appear quite differently as they take out from the sea water and resemble more like the gelatinous masses but not a fish.

(15) It can live up to ten years under the sea. They grow up to 12 inches with 20 pounds of its weight.

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