10 Reasons about Why did Disney Discovery Island Close Down

Located in Bay Lake, Florida, Disney’s Discovery Island was a zoological cum amusement park that welcomed tourists from 1974 to 1999. After spending a whopping 30 million dollars on buying and decking up the island, it was rather strange and creepy that Disney Corporation decided to pull the shutters down. The true reasons behind closing the highly popular and thriving park were never disclosed by the authorities, which gave birth to too many speculations and stories.

Here are 10 Reasons about why did Disney Discovery Island closed down that will pull the curtain off the reality.

(1) The shallow waters of the Bay Lake were found to be unsafe for the Disney vessels to operate to and fro. The only mean to get to the Island Park was by means of the Disney Cruises which dropped visitors at the island.

(2) The lazy and lethargic workers of the Island were a showstopper for the successful operating of the Discovery Island. As the workers were locals from Bahamas, the authorities did not have much to tell them as well.

(3) Disney’s focus had shifted to the construction and operating of Mowglis’ Palace, the Jungle themed resort which was being constructed in Emerald Island, the beachside city in North Carolina.

(4) The opening of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park in 1998 was another reason for the closure of the Discovery Island. The visitor population had been reducing already, and with the grandeur of the Animal Kingdom Park to compete, the Discovery Island soon fell out of competition.

(5) Lawsuits against the head curator and 4 employees on grounds of cruelty against birds and animals in the park in 1989 had caused the management to take an offensive stance against the operating bodies of the Discovery Island. Although the legal case was sorted but it had rowed the seeds of disinterest in the authorities’ minds.

(6) The filtration system being used to refine the lagoon water for consumption at the Discovery Island was very expensive. With the dropping count of visitors, it was not being a profitable business any longer.

(7) The Florida State Law had banned the unchlorinated water of the Bay Lake from being used for the island. This was another reason why the park got closed down.

(8) The suspected presence of alligators in the waters around the park had caused the fear in visitors which led to the decline in the number of visitors year after year. While the visitors were not allowed to swim at the beach of the Island, the rumors of alligator attacks grew stronger over the years.

(9) Some animals were left running in the wild which caused fear and panic amongst the guests and pulled down the reputation of the park drastically.

(10) The presence of Naegleria fowleribacteria in the waters in and around the park is one of the strongest reasons that led to the closure of the Discovery Island Park. This bacterium was capable of causing human death by affecting the human nervous system.

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