Top 10 Mysterious Stories about Disney’s Discovery Island

The Disneyland has remained one of the biggest desires of children to make a visit to meet their favorite characters and enjoy the thrilling rides. However, have you ever thought that such a posh area where each day thousands of children and family pay a visit, can have hidden mysteries too?

(1) The hidden Mickey- leading the board is the mystery of hidden Mickey’s head over the entire Disneyland. There are rocks that have been given the shape of Mickey’s head, garden filled with Mickey heads and many more to count.

(2) The Feral Cat land– Yes, the Disneyland besides your favorite characters and thrilling rides do have cats. There are so many of them crawling here and there that visitors do get astonished about their presence. The employees have revealed the secret behind these cats that they are kept just for the rodents.

(3) The mystery behind the wedding ring– At Disneyland, the Haunted Mansion ride has remained a popular source of legends and mystery. Visitors here have found a wedding ring in the pavement which remained there since many years as there were none who can pull out the ring getting down with the conclusions such as, a haunted wedding ring, the cursed ring and etc.

(4) A deep underground World lies beneath the Disney World– This is the first weird thing to know that there is another world beneath the Disney land. It is said that the construction of Disneyland was a complex one with an exclusive underground tunnel work which became the utility corridors. These utility corridors were meant for the employees to carry out the garbage from one end to the final dug.

(5) Ashes of the dead people scattered around haunted mansion– Reports says that there are people who ultimately desire that after their death their ashes are scattered in the Disneyland ground. Though the visitors are not allowed to litter all over the land, and the ashes are vacuumed daily by the cleaners, however there are insights of images seen every night by the night workmen.

(6) The forced perspective of Cinderella’s castle- Walking away from the Cindrella’s castle will appear as if the castle is taller than actually it is and the bricks go large to small.

(7) The Haunted Mansion scaring to death– The haunted mansion, as resembled by the name, has been reported that the rides was much terrifying and people have died here with shock.

(8) Abandoned Discovery land- There is a treasure island owned by Disney, which has been abandoned because it was used as a death camp. The Government also put a ban over the land because the lake consisted of harmful bacteria.

(9) Haunted by the crying boy- It has been reported that the exit doors of the Hunted mansion is haunted by a boy whose mother after his death scattered his ashes all around the mansion.

(10) The Disneyland Baby Care Center – A woman in white had been spotted in the cctv footages guiding the children who were lost, to the baby care center for reuniting with their parents.

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