20 Mystery Facts about Andrew Carlssin Predictions

Andrew Carlssin came to the limelight after he was arrested in 2003 for violating SEC standards in all of his successful speculation in high risk stocks for 126 times. He voiced the theory of time traveling, while giving a confession to the team of the investigators.  Here are the excerpts of his prediction that surprised the world.

Mystery facts about the Predictions by Andrew Carlssin

(1) It is a mystery as how one can successfully speculate in high-risk stock dealings in a row.

(2) Andrew claimed that he had time traveled for 200 years that made the mystery to grow more intense.

(3) Andrew was never able to produce any evidence for his success in time traveling, though, he was successful to predict the future of the most risky stocks for more than a hundred times.

(4) Andrew claimed that he knows the cure to Aids

(5) It is mysterious as he offered to give the whereabouts of Osama-Bin-Laden, who was missing from the scene at that time.

(6) Andrew never publicized the craft that he used to time travel.

(7) He never disclosed the place of his working.

(8) It is a mystery that if he actually shared the information about Osama-Bin-Laden with the investigation team.

(9) As a profound mystery, the investigation team never publicized, if he actually shared the probable way to cure AIDS.

(10) Some observed voiced the possibility that he was actually using anachronistic sunglasses. However, no evidences were ever produced in support of this claim.

(11) If it is to be believed that he was successful in time travel, he would be the first time traveler, arrested for insider trading.

(12) One of his predictions hinted that a sudden collapse in the stock market was going to hit the US share market in 2008.

(13) Andrew claimed himself as an individual from the time of 23rd

(14) It is a mystery as how his initial investment of USD 800 grew to a whopping 350-Million USD portfolio, just with a fortnight.

(15) Andrew never incurred the loss of cent in any of the 126 speculations he made

(16) People who considered his claims to be a hoax and labeled him as an insane, failed to prove his insanity.

(17) It is a mystery about the disappearance of Andrew, immediately after his release on bail.

(18) The mystery intensifies as Andrews was never found afterwards and he did not repeat his attempts again.

(19) He was razor sharp to predict the date for the US trip to invade Iraq and the fate of the Iraq War.

(20) The speculation technique that he used, was not known to the most successful investors and share market experts of this time.

You call it a hoax or you believe what Andrew claimed, you are ought to agree that his case is one of the most mysterious events that happened in the Digital Age. This case is  still pending as a unsolved mystery, even after extensive attempts by the cops to solve it.

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