10 Evidences Proof the Nephilim Skeletons is Real

The topic of Nephilim Giants has been coming off and on into the world news. Many people have taken interest in this, and strongly believe that once these giants existed. There are strong reasons too backing the theory that Nephilim giants existed. Here are the top 10 evidences to prove that.


(1) The bible is the biggest evidence. In the Genesis 6.4 in the Old Testament, it has been said that there were the giants on earth. And then again in Numbers 13:33 in Bible, mention of the giants as sons of Anak comes again.


(2) Abraham Lincoln in 1948 stated in a verse that the bones of the dead giants were buried deep under the soil in parts of America.


(3) E huge sized skeletons were found Humboldt Lake Bed in Lovelock, Nevada. They measured 8.5 and 10 feet respectively, which is huge, and the skeletons were wrapped in a fabric. It all happened in the February and June of 1931.


(4) This is an interesting story told by an Indian to William Cody while Cody was camping on the South Platte. The Indian carried a huge bone in hand, which looked like the thing bone of humans but much larger in size. When asked he said it belonged to the giants who were once native to that place, and were 3 times larger and could outrun and also carry a buffalo.


(5) In a museum in Lima Peru, in the year 1969, giant bones were found and photographed by Glenn Kimball. As described by Kimball, the gloves of the mummies had finger of 10 inches, and the crown of the mummies could be worn around Kimball’s waist.


(6) Near Franklin, in a farm of Edin Borrowes, and in the year 1841, some human skeleton were uncovered from a mound by removing soil upto 2 feet. The bones were of many sizes, and among them an unusually large sized human skeleton was found, which had only the legs of 6 feet.


(7) This story comes from an old legend written by the voyager and writer Antonio Pigafetta in 1520. Their team saw 2 Nephilim giants during a voyage. The giants laughed, singed, played, danced, and jumped on the sea beach and scattered sand around and on their heads too while playing. They were naked and any average sized human head would only reach their waist. These people were reported to eat raw meat and sweet root only and lots of water and they lived in huts.


(8) This news comes from Kentucky, where 2 skeletons of lengths, 8 ft 7.5 inches, 8.5 ft, and 8 ft 4.75 inches were found from a small room of solid rock which was 5 by 10 ft only. It was published in the Louisville Courier Journal Columbia in 30 Jan’ 1876.


(9) In the 1 Chronicles 11:23 in Bible, the mention of a giant Egyptian is therein.


(10) In August 14, 1880, skeleton of giants were found. An 8 ft length woman’s bones and 3.5 ft child bones were found. In another grave a 9 ft ma and another 8 ft woman skeleton was found.

These incidents describes real well that Nephilim Giants did exist, and had lived many years on earth.

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