Top 10 Real Life Mermaid Found with Pictures Proved It is Real

Mermaids are real or just were in stories have been a common question coming to the mind of any person who at least read the story of the mermaid once, or saw some image or painting once. Mermaids are strange half lady and half fish creatures, who look really mysterious, beautiful, and attractive. Whether they are real or fake can be understood when you look at the stories and pictures below. All of them indicate towards the real and bizarre existence of the mermaids.


(1) In the year 2009, in Israel at Kiryat Yam, a group of mermaids were seen by the locals who all swam towards the coast. But after that they were no more seen, and the mayor of the city announced a prize of 1 million dollar for the person, who would give the proper report of the mermaids.


(2) This dates back to 1493 when the sea voyager Christopher Columbus himself claimed to have seen 2 female forms who came out of the seas. He claimed them to be mermaids.


(3) After the Indian Ocean Tsunamis in 2005, a rotten carcass of a mermaid was found on the Marina Beach in Chennai. This created waves of news and buzz, and the picture still circulates a lot.


(4) Pictures of dead mermaids at Lake Mutirikwi in Zimbabwe had scared many people in the place, and also many of the workers working on the Gokwe and Mutare dam reservoirs had stopped working as they were scared of mermaids drowning humans in the waters of the area.


(5) This is the story of Kei Island in Indonesia, where war soldiers of the Word War II spotted many mermaids on the sea shore. Long fins, heads with fins, spiky limbs were recognized as their features.


(6) Dr. Torsten Schmidt who is a marine Geologist from Greenland, spotted mermaids in the sea and covered footage too. It happened in 2013 march.

(7) Now this is interesting. Human type of creature was found in the stomach of a dead white shark in South Africa in Aug of 1991. And while closely examined the body was found with hands and a human skull but had traits or features of a lower fish like part.


(8) In the year 1967, a blonde lady with a dolphin fish tail was seen on the seas of British Columbia in Canada by some tourists who were travelling by a ferry boat. This creature was seen to eat a salmon fish, and that was the only sighting of the mermaid at the region.


(9) This is another incident quite old from 1886. A zoologist, Dr. Karl Shuker, highlighted it. The report was published in the Cape Brooklyn newspaper. Some fisher in Gabarus, Cape Breton saw a mermaid live in the waters which reappeared after disappearing once. It had all the fish like features in the lower part of body, and had a horse mane like hair on head, hands with extra long fingers and human body color.


(10) In Spain in 1737, another mermaid was sighted. It was approximately 5 ft in length, had a goat like head, long beard, moustache, dark skin, some body hairs, and extra long webbed fingers on a comparatively shorter arm.

Here goes the story of the mermaids. Numerous other mermaid sightings have recorded through the world and are expected to occur in the future too.

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