12 Facts of the Pine Gap about Aliens and UFOs

Pine gap is nothing but the secretive facility situated 20 km to the south-west of the Alice Springs and it has been there in existence since 1970. It is run by both United States and Australia. Its official name is given Joint Facility Pine Gap, even though the government hates to admit it.

It would be really fair to say that the Pine gap has all sort of awesome capabilities when it comes to the matter of intelligence gathering. Though it is hard to imagine, but it is the nature of the game and secretive.

(1) Pine Gap is a satellite tracking session and it is located in the midst of nowhere as it becomes quite hard for other countries in order to intercept the signals that are emitted within the Pine Gap.

(2) It is assumed that US controls its spy satellites from the Pine gap, Australia and also the white domes present at Pine gap. But those domelike structures are not at all the boarding facility.

(3) An American intelligent guy Renegade Edward Snowden revealed recently that Pine Gap is one of the major key facilities used in the US surveillance.

(4) A Pakistani lawyer went to the record saying that Pine gap tracks all the communications of Taliban militants as well as al-Qaeda. Regrettably, these strikes destroy all the civilians in addition to killing the military targets.

(5) Pine gap employs nearly 1000 people and when you think about it, it seems like 1000 jobs within the town of 25K people is just like 160000 people working in a city of population of nearly 4 million in a city like Melbourne. They are biggest employer in the town.

(6) Plenty of protests took place on the site over several years, even though pine gap is a remote location.

(7) A number of groups trust the Pine Gap is the secret facility for the purpose of investigating UFO’s as well as aliens.

(8) According to a particular imaginative website, 3 UFO’s are dissected at Pine Gap and they are complete with the frazzled bodies. The guys of UFO didn’t answer through phone either.

(9) It can be understood that US can easily control its spy satellites from the Pine gap and the associated antennas are used for the purpose of “listen to Asia”.

(10) Albeit has three major surveillance systems, yet its main purpose is to cater the needs of ground control stations developed by CIA.

(11) The entire floor space at Pine Gap of operations buildings now takes up the entire playing fields of Melbourne Cricket field.

(12) With relate to satellite research on Pine Gap allow to get access to the satellites that the cold spy on each and every continent excluding Antarctica and America.

There are three major bases in Pine Gap. One is located in South Australia Nurranger Wommera, another in New South Wales and the third one is situated in Alice Springs. These bases are situated are completely situated underground and are operated under the Defense Space Research Facility.

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