20 Mystery Facts about the Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant  happens to be one of the most mystical objects that the Bible describes and countless people, for several centuries had kept on trying to explore this treasure, but, without success. Here are a few strange facts that will make you more interested about this unexplored piece of mystery.

Facts about the Ark of the Covenant

(1) Though no concrete evidence is available in its support, however, it is claimed that it was built by the Israelites almost 3000 years back.

(2) The pious and religious-minded people claims that God himself appeared before Moses and instructed him to do this work.

(3) There is a legend that God gave Moses the instruction on the Mount Sinai.

(4) Alternatively called the Ark of the Testimony, the Ark of Covenant was described in the Exodus Book and it includes the Ten Commandments, scripted on a Stone Tablet.

(5) There is a myth that the Israelites were carrying this stone tablet with them, in the course of the famous “40 year trip through the deserts”

(6) There was a custom for this flock to place the Ark of the Covenant inside a special tent that was called the Tabernacle. This was the practice for this flock, irrespective of where they camped.

(7) There is a mention about the Ark of Covenant in the New Testament as the first-ever Torahs Scroll, authored by Moses.

(8) As described in the Book of Kings, The Ark of Covenant, during the time of King Solomon, contained just 2 items. Other contents were added to the tablet at a much later stage.

(9) The Ark of Covenant includes various miracles that are described in the Old Testament.

(10) It is assumed that The Ark of Covenant made the way for poisoned animals and impediments.

(11) The Jordon River stopped flowing for a while, just as the carrier of the Ark set their feet on the water of the river, while the flock was crossing the river on their way to the “Promised Land”.

(12) The success for the Siege of Jericho is significantly owed to this pious Ark.

(13) It is assumed that the Israelites use to carry this ark, concealed under a gigantic veil made with blue clothes and skins.

(14) The Holy Ark is assumed to have the dimensions of 52x31x31 inches and decorated with a golden crown and several gold rings.

(15) The Ark that was lying in the Temple of Jerusalem is assumed to disappear mystically, immediately after the Israelites were conquered by the Babylonians.

(16) There is a mystery to what happened with the Holy Ark, after the Babylonian seized the pious Vessels of the Ark of God.

(17) There is debate, if the Ark got damaged or hidden, after the Babylonians carried it to their kingdom.

(18) Historians have a debate about the authenticity of the piece, explored in the Cathedral of the St. Mary of Zion in Ethiopia, claimed as to be the Ark of Covenant.

(19) AS per the Church Authorities, “The Guardian of the Ark” is the only man who has the right to see this Holy Ark.

(20) It is a mystery as why the Church never allowed the researchers to verify the authenticity of the Ark of Covenant.

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