20 Mystery Secrets of the Dyatlov Pass incident

The Dyatlov Pass incident that happened during the 1950’s, terrifies the outdoor activist even in contemporary times. This brutal incident resulted in the most brutal death of a team of skiers and the major part of this incident, still remains a mystery to the world. As such, it makes sense to discuss about a few points that are held as mysterious, even in today’s time.

(1) The affected tent was completely damaged, though the belongings of the team were left inside

The rescue party discovered the tent to be completely shattered; however the belongings of the team members were lying inside, undamaged.

(2) The tent was torn from inside

It appeared to the examiners and the rescue team that the skiing team tore the tent from inside to find a rescue. It is a mystery what made them to do so.

(3) The corpses of not all the members were found at the same place

The team comprised of 8 members and their corpses was found scattered, here and there. Not even their bodies were discovered at the same time.

(4) A few Corpses were found to almost wear nothing

The incident happened in a night that recorded extremely low temperature. The Strange thing is that a few corpses were found almost wearing nothing, which is definitely a mystery, considering the chilled temperature outside.

(5) The corpses explored buried under the snow were properly dressed

The Corpses of 4 members were found buried under the snow and the strange fact is that these bodies were properly dressed.

(6) A few of the members have left their shoes in the tent while going out of it

Considering the fact that the night was brutally cold, it is a mystery as what made a few members of the team to move out of the tent, leaving their shoes inside.

(7) No evidence of animal attacks

The observations made by the rescue team apparently gave them an idea about a possible attack by some ferocious animal. However, no evidences were found in the support of this thought.

(8) One of the corpses was discovered in a position as if saving the head from the attacks of some unidentified assailant.

(9) Another corpse was found half-buried in the snow with the face laying turned down to the surface of the ice. Post mortem report suggested Hypothermia as the cause of death.

(10) In a few corpses, there were marks for brutal physical injuries, though the cause of such injuries stays a mystery.

(11) Though intense internal injuries were noticed in a few dead bodies, no instances of soft tissue damage were found.

(12) Experts were shocked to find that the team members were hit with an intensity that is usually observed in the corpses of the ones, dying due to car accidents.

(13) The bodies of the few deceased showed that they went for exchanging their dresses. Probably, it can happen as they need to dress swiftly inside the darken tent.

(14) One of the dead body exhibited that the tongue was ripped from the root. Tough, no cause for this incident was ever explored.

(15) During the funeral, the complexion of the deceased turned into an orange shade which is a mystical happening.

(16) Though there were changes in the skin complexion, no such changes happened with the color of the hairs of the deceased.

(17) A profound mystery is with the selection of the spot for the tents. It is unusual that such an experienced team will select such dangerous place for the tents, while they could have got a much better position, just moving by a distance of a mile.

(18) The reason that caused such intense trauma and panic among the skiers, are mysteriously not explored as on date.

(19) It is an intense mystery as what made the majority of the skiers to stay undressed in such a bitterly cold night.

(20) Profound mysteries formed as the dresses of a few bodies exhibited that radiations were emitted, beyond the usual extent.

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