Top 10 Mysteries of the Hessdalen Lights

The Hessdalen Lights are strange natural lights, observed in the Hessadian Valley in Norway. Since 1983, this mystical phenomenon has attracted the attention of the mass and the scientists alike and some have even speculated the acts of aliens beyond this phenomenon. Here is the list of the mystical facts about this light.

(1) The exact cause beyond the phenomenon still stands unexplored

While the scientist has attempted to link natural phenomenon like the Northern Lights, the lights from space crafts and even the influence on natural battery formed by the topographical features and the laymen, exploring the aliens beyond this happening, the exact cause is yet to be known.

(2) The shape, size, and color of the light keeps changing from time to time

It is mysterious as the lights feature different shapes, sizes as well as colors at different times. For instance, in a few instances, eyewitnesses observed white or yellow light, while others noticed the light to be red or blue. Likewise, sometime, these light balls are very big in size, while at other times, the size is just watchable to the barren eyes.

(3) The light balls have been seen to travel at different paces

Scientists are yet to find the reason as what brings a variation in the pace at which the light travels. Sometimes it moves swiftly, at other times, it seems to just hop around.

(4) No fixed schedule for the lights to come up

Another peculiarity is that these light balls don’t follow any specific schedule or intervals between 2 consecutive appearances. For example, sometimes, people observed it came out during the dawn, while at other times; it appeared during the mid day or after the dusk. Likewise, there have been weeks while such occurrences were at the peak, while no such instances were noticed for a few consecutive weeks.

(5) Weather changes could not impact the phenomenon

You are ought to consider it strange that the changes in the weather conditions, never influenced the occurrence of these lights. The lights balls were observed throughout the year.

(6) The lights appeared for uneven spans

Mysteries keep developing as the span for the visibility of the light balls is never fixed. From time to time, this span can range from a few seconds to a few hours.

(7) People listened abnormal sound during the appearance of these lights in few instances

It appeared mysteries as in a few instances; the appearance of the light balls was accompanied by the production of strange sounds. In a few cases, such sound was audible, even before the light became visible, while in other instances,  the sound were audible, even after the lights disappeared.

(8) Another strange trivia about this mysterious phenomenon is that the frequency of its occurrence has dropped significantly since 1990’s, though the topography and weather conditions has not changed to that extent.

(9) The light balls exhibited varied movement patterns from time to time.

(10) It is a mystery to the scientist as what bring changes in the spot of occurrence of these balls. Sometime, these balls appear above the horizon, while at other times, it originates at other parts of the sky.

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