20 Facts to Know Is there a Money Pit on Oak Island?

For centuries, a debate is persisting about the existence of a money pit, hidden under the ground at the Oak Island. Though nothing has come out yet to support this claim, still, a flock of individuals shares the similar view, while another camp considers it to be a legendary hoax. Though not taking sides with either of these camps, it certainly makes sense to discuss about a few strange facts in this regard.

What are the mystery facts about the legend of the money pit on Oak Island?

(1) The claim raised during 1875 when a young boy discovered sunken ground, giving an impression that something is hidden underneath.

(2) The first hunt for treasure witnessed the excavators digging a considerable depth below the ground, but nothing got explored.

(3) For each set of 10 feet depth dug during the first excavation, the excavators explored layers of stone.

(4) There is a myth about the appearance of a mystic black dog, along the site of excavation.

(5) A company by the name Onslow Company was formed to carry out the excavation work on a professional basis.

(6) The excavation made by the Onslow Company dug till 90 feet, without finding anything out of it.

(7) The effort by the Onslow Company experienced identical finding about the exploration of the layers of rock, as made during the first excavation effort.

(8) The digging efforts by the Onslow Company explored some strange fiber that was later discovered to be the Coconut Fiber.

(9) A stone tablet, having some strange codes encrypted on it was explored by the Onslow Company.

(10) A flock holds the notion that the stone tablet explored, bears some direction about the location of the treasure.

(11) The excavators from Onslow Company explored a chest during the excavation work.

(12) It is still a mystery that why the excavators left behind the chest, without trying to open it.

(13) The day, following the day the excavators explored the Chest, found that the hole got filled with 60 feet of water. It was not explored from where this water came.

(14) There is a legend that claims about the existence of a tunnel under the ground.

(15) The excavation work made by the Truro Company found some links to Gold Chains, that disappeared mystically after a while.

(16) It is a profound mystery as how someone can die there due to ruptured boiler, as happened to one of the excavators from the Truro Company.

(17) Excavators who have worked on this site, claims that the entire area forms a Bobby Trap with water that is impossible to break.

(18) The Oak island resembles the appearance of the Kidds’s Treasure Island to a large extent and probably it is the reason that gave birth to the myth of treasure, lying buried under the ground.

(19) It is still a mystery as how the metals from the 18th century lays buried under the ground in this island. There is no evidence that support that the existence of human inhabitation in this island during those times.

(20) The sum total of the investment for excavating treasures of this island has crossed the range of 100 Million USD.

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