20 Facts to Know What is the Abominable Snowman

Abominable Snowman is one of those missing links of the human evaluation process which are still to be unveiled off. From a long period or decades, people from different ages have claimed that they have seen that unresolved mystery. Some people described it as the savior of the mountains. Here providing you the detailed and classified facts about its existence. Mountaineers from a long period of time have claimed that they have seen yeti and found its foot prints.

Here are the interesting facts about Abominable Snowman:


(1) Scientists described in various research works that it might be a big ape-like animal which is immensely powerful and largely shaped creature. It was also claimed that it might be a bipedal creature found in the Himalayan zone mostly in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

(2) 1832, in that year B H Hidgson described in a journal that there was a big ape-like animal with a long black busy tail. He concluded it that it might be a big orangutan.

(3) In the year 1921 the name was coined as the “Abominable Snowman” to describe that unsolved creature. Famous expedition expert Charles Howard claimed in his book that while crossing the Lhakpa La at 21000ft he found such creepy footprints of a big animal just like a bare-footed man. His guide described it as “The wild man of the snows”.


(4) In the pre nineteenths century, H Sieger described it as the good of the glacier which was an ape like creature and carried a big stone in his hand as a weapon.

(5) In 1925 N.A.Tombazi a renowned photographer claimed that he observed the abdominal snowman from a very close distance near Zemu Glacier. He also depicted that it was 180-270 m long in size and exactly like a human figure and it was going upstairs to snatch rod flowers.

(6) In the year 1950 Eric Shipton has claimed the same that he also found its footprints in the snowy weather. Those photographs are still the best proof claimed as the Yeti’s existence.


(7) The best evidence you can hear from the horse’s mouth, Sir Edmond Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing Norge, who have scaled the Everest first also claimed that they saw a big shaped orangutan like animal. Though Edmond claimed it as a monkey type creature but Sherpa Tenzing claimed that his father has witnessed the yeti in Real.

(8) In the year 1954 J Jackson published his clicked photographs which are believed as the yeti’s footprint. He took those snaps while mountaineering in Kanchenjunga.

(9) Those all are the photographs or eye witness description of the abominable snowman, the solid evidence yet to be unveiled. Yeti scalp found in Panboche monastery; that head was covered with black and brown hair. Scientists have taken the sample from it for research and made the conclusion that it was really a big ape like creature’s head.


(10) Shawomir Rawicz claimed in his long walk in 1956 his path was blocked for hours by a two-legged bipedal creature which were shuffling around the snow.

(11) In 1960 Hillary mounted an expedition where he collected physical evidence of Yeti. Scientific evidence was concluded on the basis of it.

(12) British mountaineer Don whillans claimed while scaling Annapurna he had witnessed a mysterious creature and heard its odd cries. He viewed through binocular for 20 minutes long that unidentified long creature.

(13) The expedition of Taylor Fleming discovered similar Yeti-like footprint of a bipedal giant. It was found in 1983.British museum confirmed about the identification of those foot prints.


(14) The frequency of published report regarding Yeti had become a rage in the 20th century. In 2001; crypto zoologist’s concluded that yeti might come in visibility due to such cold weather. They might get out from their den in search of food.

(15) Apart from the expeditions many time such unidentified creature with that much huge size also found in various satellite images in those Himalayan regions.

(16) In a conference held in Russia, they have claimed that a conclusion can be done on the basis of those footprints and the descriptions of those famous personas that, there are 95% of possibilities about the existence of Abominable Snowman.


(17) Genetic Study has also given elements to the support of its existence, and the scholars matched the DNA samples of it and made a conclusion that it matched with the prehistoric bear type animal.

(18) Reportedly it was heard that Yeti was captured in 2011, it was claimed that after fired towards it that creepy creature ran into the deep forest on its two legs.

Abominable Snowman Footprints
Abominable Snowman Footprints

(19) Crypto Zoology describes Abominable Snowman as the most talked about creature of the present era.

(20) Scientists depict that it might be a big bear type or an orangutan like monkey creature with fur covered. But there are strong presences of that animal in such high altitude climate for sure.

Though there are contrary about its existence and proved elements against it, the scientific community has started Abominable snowman as a legend.

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