Top 10 Mystery Secrets of the S.S. Ourang Medan

Across the globe, innumerable stories of ghost ships and ships with ill-omen are popular among the sailors. While some are the believers of these legends & mysterious stories,  there is yet another camp that does not believe in these tales. However, the legends and tales that keep revolving around the SS Onurag Medan, forces the strongest non-believers to believe such tales. Here are a few mysterious tales that keep revolving around this ship.

(1) Debate about the existence of the ship

The mystery starts growing with the existence of the ship as well. No records have been explored till date that substantially proves that the ship ever existed. This intensifies the mysteries that revolve around this ill-omen ship.

(2) The origin of the ship is not proved substantially

Just as there are mysterious stories with the actual existence of the ship, likewise, there are debates about the origin of the ship. While some claims that this ship is from Sumatra, others hold the opinion that it was a Dutch Ship.

(3) Was the ship carrying any illegal and lethal items in the course of the journey?

As claimed by a few observers and researchers, the ship is assumed to carry some lethal and illegal substances, during the course of the voyage. Though, no evidences are yet to be found in this regard.

(4) What was the exact cause of death for the crews?

Another mystery about this ship is about the exact cause of death for the crews. The mystery intensifies further as no major signs of damage to the ships were observed.

(5) Why the corpses of the deceased were frozen?

Even if the corpse were lying exposed to the sun on the deck, it is a mystery as why the corpses were frozen. The modern science failed to account any reason beyond such happenings.

(6) Another mystery involves the lack of evidences for any sabotage or conspiracy, yet such large-scale massacre happened at a go.

(7) Going by the notions held by a group of observers, this was the outcome of some brutal biological weapon striking the ship, resulting in such devastation.

(8) The corpse exhibited signs of brutal suffering and as if they were terrified with fear at the time they breathe their last. It is not yet known as what triggered such extreme fear in the minds of the crews.

(9) Some members of the rescue team that approached the ship, after catching some strange alerts, saw a sudden appearance and disappearance of strange lights as well as got to hear some strange laughter that can ever be produced by humans.

(10) The rescue party, while tried to tow the affected ship to the dock, experienced that some mysterious some is coming out of the ship. This made them to remove the tow from the ship and the moment they did that, the affected ship, exploded and sank deep into the water. It was a lucky rescue as the rescue ship would have met the same instances if its tow was connected to the ship.

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