Top 10 Mystery Stories of the Baltic Sea Anomaly

The anomalies about the Baltic Sea Anomaly has reached to an extent that it has been one of the most discussed topics in contemporary times. With the experts arguing about the formation and origin of this structure, the debate keeps on turning more intense and thus, people are trying to know about these surprising structures. Here are the top 10 information about the structure that will be really worthy to know.

Mysteries about the Baltic Sea Anomaly

(1) A few experts commented that this structure was created manually, around 10000 years back. While other camps agree with the aging, in their opinion, the formation was natural. This contradiction about the origin makes the topic all the more debated.

(2) Legends claim that this stair-like construction is basically the parts of the mythical city of Atlantis that is assumed to be constructed under the water.

(3) There has been a flock that assumes that the formation is basically the hardened volcanoes. This theory is supported by the testing of the rock samples that was found to be black volcanic stones.

(4) As per legends, this is basically the ruin of the spacecraft of the UFOs that drowned in that part of the Baltic Sea.

(5) There has been claim raised, stating that it is basically a portion of a meteorite that penetrated the layer of ice during the last phase of the Ice Age and resulting in melting of the ice, forming the Baltic Sea.

(6) If it is assumed that the structure is simply hardened Volcano, it becomes hard to assume how the drivers managed to find mundane and sandstones, in and around the structure. It is for this reason that even after the sample of the rock explored from the site was experimentally found to be volcanic rocks, a significant count of experts considered the entire story as fabricated and illogical.

(7) Speaking about the origin and formation of the structure, a few experts commented that the formation is the result of some strange movements with the sea bed.

(8) The explanation about the formation formed with balancing rocks seems logical as at the end of the Ice age the glaciers formed carried stones with this stream and it is possible that the construction was actually made with the continuous deposit of the rocks carried by the glaciers. This is probably the only logical explanation about the formation of this structure.

(9) It is surprising that how the natural formation took the shape of a Stair. The manual construction theory gains more voice and support due to this specific aspect.

(10) Most probably, the structure was formed by the deposit of the rocks carried by the glaciers and it was formed in the same manner that is assumed to be the reason for the formation of the Baltic Sea.

Researchers are still  going on about the origination and aging of this structure, though much is till left to reach to a convincing theory in this regard.

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